If Suicide were a Person


Quentin Lucas describes his past relationship with suicide.

Can a Man Fall in Love with A Life Saver?

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What separates a good friend from a great one? Aditya Singhal shows us.

How I Lost My Sex Drive And Got It Back Naturally


It’s not always easy to get excited about sex after working eight hours a day and after that, taking care of your kids.

My Friend Died And We Are Loved

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I’m getting a pedicure and listening to a business podcast when my girlfriend texts me that our good friend Marla died.

5 Ways to Make Life a Little Easier for Your Socially Anxious Friend

social anxiety

Just being there for them is a pretty good start.

Three Ways to Not Get Stuck in Post-Divorce Quicksand

3 Ways to Not Get Stuck by Jenny Kanevsky

How Jenny Kanevsky reframed her thinking after divorce.

How I Learned the 4 Keys of Friendship

How I Learned by Ken Banks

Patrick Sallee learned how to be a great friend from a friend he’s sadly about to lose.

An Introvert’s Guide to Greeting Strangers, Vague Acquaintances, and Friends


For the introvert, the most desirable kinds of encounters are The Escape and The Smile. Failing these, you are doomed to The Conversation.

How to Survive Your First Year Post Divorce

How Survive Post Divorce by Jenny Kanevsky

Jenny Kanevsky found a safe, confidential place for friendship and advice in an online divorce support group.

‘I Never Had Any Friends Later On Like the Ones I Had When I Was Twelve.’

stand by me 1

Dr. Steven Hanley on “Stand by Me” and male friendship.

Why Childhood Friends are the Best


Being shifted from one place to another, I never had the luxury of having the same set of friends all through my little journey of passion-crazy life. The consequences had their negatives and positives.

Remembering Stephen: Love, Loss, and AIDS

on losing stephen copy

He underwent a smorgasbord of tests as the family anxiously awaited the answer. But we knew. The innocents in the old snapshot all knew instinctively, even before the test results came in. Stephen had AIDS.

It’s Not Love That Matters the Most


They met by accident and fell in love before meeting. Their relationship flourished when she came to this revelation.  — We met by accident.  “I am sorry for the delayed response, give me a call back at…” His voice was smooth and deep, like rich chocolate. I saved the message.  It took me a few months to return his call. I told him that he had left a message on my machine, then went on to explain that he had dialed the wrong number. I also told him […]

The #1 Way to Have a Low Maintenance Relationship


Is a low-maintenance relationship possible? According to Steven Lake, it is not only possible, but preferable.

7 Signs You’ve Discovered Your Bro-Mate


Eric Shapiro on how to tell if a guy friend is legit: he grows with you, he gets along with your lady, and keeps the drama to a minimum.

Handle Your Jealousy. Don’t Let It Handle You


Shanna Anderson shows us all that jealousy realizes only negative outcomes.