My Personal Gratitude Journey: How Being Grateful Transformed My Life

Being thankful is nice. But EXPRESSING your gratitude? That’s a game changer.

Uber Cab Confessions: A Five Minute Ride

Offering a sigh where a scream would be more appropriate..

For Evan

CJ Kaplan loses a childhood friend and gains some perspective.

The Men Who Made Me

Teachers and friends, writers and bosses, lovers and heroes –I lovingly remember and honor the gifts you shared.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere…Fast

It’s easy to miss the red flags when you’re deep into a relationship. Cortney Rene is here to highlight some warning signs you don’t want to ignore.

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Fighting With Your Mate? 5 Ways To Do It Better

They say there are two things you can be sure of in life: death and taxes. If you’re in a relationship, you can add one more thing to that list: fights.

Why Isn’t a Mama’s Boy a Good Thing?

View image | Mary McLaurine’s sons have been called Mama’s Boys. And that’s OK. Why? Because they love their mother. They are also independent adults with lives of their own.   My sons and I have always been close. Today, one is 30, and the other 34. Like most siblings, they have much in […]

How to Stay Friends After the Break Up

Just because you didn’t work out as lovers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends – even good friends. But being friends after a break-up is tricky and takes work… sometimes more work than the relationship did.

…in this loneliness

Adele Kenny recalls an evening with friends and the complex intersections of companionship and loneliness which emerge when we are simultaneously connected and disconnected.

A Make-aholic & An Alcoholic: The Perfect Friendship

Soul Mates aren’t always what we assume. Sometimes two people can share everything and nothing at all.

5 People Who are Living not Drifting

We set aside the important, intentional thing for the urgent, immediate thing. All the dang time. At least I do.

2 Reasons You Should Always Forgive but Never Forget

It’s good for you to let go of your anger and forgive, but forgetting isn’t required or even necessarily healthy.

Dieting – How Do You Reduce Your Intake Of Opinions?

Desperately seeking an opinion on how to reduce my daily dietary opinion intake.

A Man and His Illness: Learning to Cope When All Your Skills are Taken

Ultimately, there are two ways to look at loss, positive and negative. Finding another way to cope, then another, then another, is what keeps me alive.

The One Non-Negotiable Thing About Every Relationship

Heather Gray explains how not understanding or respecting this is why relationships with lovers, friends, and family can fail.

Dear Son, Some Advice on Becoming A Man

Mom Christine Walker has wisdom and advice for her son as he grows into manhood. She shares it in this letter.