Remembering Stephen: Love, Loss, and AIDS

He underwent a smorgasbord of tests as the family anxiously awaited the answer. But we knew. The innocents in the old snapshot all knew instinctively, even before the test results came in. Stephen had AIDS.

It’s Not Love That Matters the Most

They met by accident and fell in love before meeting. Their relationship flourished when she came to this revelation.  — We met by accident.  “I am sorry for the delayed response, give me a call back at…” His voice was smooth and deep, like rich chocolate. I saved the message.  It took me a few months to return his call. I told him that he had left a message on my machine, then went on to explain that he had dialed the wrong number. I also told him […]

The #1 Way to Have a Low Maintenance Relationship

Is a low-maintenance relationship possible? According to Steven Lake, it is not only possible, but preferable.

7 Signs You’ve Discovered Your Bro-Mate

Eric Shapiro on how to tell if a guy friend is legit: he grows with you, he gets along with your lady, and keeps the drama to a minimum.

Handle Your Jealousy. Don’t Let It Handle You

Shanna Anderson shows us all that jealousy realizes only negative outcomes.

An Open Letter to Single Men Over 40

The inside scoop to finding love and winning a woman’s heart online.

The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

Shockingly, it helps a relationship if you begin as friends. Who knew?

Will I Ever Be The Man I Hope To Be?

It may be time to get real about what you want from life and what’s been holding you back.

We All Need ‘Significant Others’

Jonathan Delavan reflects upon the influence different individuals can have on one’s life as well as his own life.

Sports Explained: Sailing

Sailing…sailing…with a little help from your Friends.

8 Ways Staying Friends With an Ex Can Be Unhealthy for Both Parties

You refuse to accept it’s over, but resent each other for not moving on.

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Why I Unfriended My Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband—and All Our Mutual Friends, Too

Jenny Kanevsky explains the perils of staying connected to your ex and your old, shared life on social media and her choice to cut all ties.

How to Maintain Friendships Through Challenging Times

Holding onto friendships can be hard, especially during transitions, and especially for men. Wellcast a 4-step method for staying bonded.

Leave it to the Pros: 5 Reasons to Never Let Friends Play Matchmaker

I don’t just mean you should hire an exclusive matchmaking service because, while that may be ideal, it is not realistic for everyone’s budget.

Engulfed by an Avalanche While Skiing, This Guy is Lucky to Have a Friend with a Shovel in His Helmet

Yes, the guy buried underneath the snow where that ski pole is survives.