Why Childhood Friends are the Best


Being shifted from one place to another, I never had the luxury of having the same set of friends all through my little journey of passion-crazy life. The consequences had their negatives and positives.

13 Rules for Being Human

rules for being human

“A lot of life is missed from the sidelines, waiting for the right time, the right opportunity, the right person. Be brave.”

The Guys Weekend: Recess for Men


Pack your coolers, and go! Guys Weekends are an important time for decompression you just can’t get in regular life.

The Proverbial Freeze Out: Why Do We Hold Grudges?


Matthew Rozsa discusses the millennial generation’s habit of freezing people out… and whether the practice of holding grudges offers any benefits.

My Weight Ruined My Sex Life


What once was a hot and passionate sex life turned into days and nights of shame.

7 Signs You’ve Discovered Your Bro-Mate


Eric Shapiro on how to tell if a guy friend is legit: he grows with you, he gets along with your lady, and keeps the drama to a minimum.

Help Your Fellow Man Survive the Suicide Statistic


An honest look at how to get through the week when you’ve overdone it at the weekend.

Sons of War: The Hidden Story Behind Brotherhood


Two survivors of the war between Iraq and Iran were separated in the chaos by enemy lines, but were reunited more than twenty years later.

A Friend Isn’t Always Forever and That’s OK


Some friendships just weren’t meant to last, but that doesn’t mean we should see them as a “waste of time.”

Real-Life Best Friends Recreate 100 Year Old Bromance Photos

100 year old bromance

This video is not only hilarious, it really gets you thinking about how and why we police the way guys touch each other.

Why Aren’t My Friends, well… Friends Anymore?!


Lately, my friends have been slacking. They have not been on top of their friend game at all.

Straight Teen Asks His Gay Best Friend To Prom


It’s not the usual gay-straight alliance, but it might be the most amazing.

If You’re Friends First, Then You’re More Likely to Have a Successful Relationship


Your partner can actually be your best friend.

My Boyfriend of Five Years Isn’t My Type – And That’s a Good Thing


If you sat down with me and my boyfriend, you’d probably be confused about our relationship. Yet he’s the best man I’ve ever been with.

Friendship and Neediness


To truly understand your potential, you must first accept your failures.

How to Be Friends With Opposites

How to Be Friends by wellcast

It’s easy to be friends when you have lots of things in common. Wellcast shows us how to develop healthy friendships with people who are different.