Creating The Genuine Connections We Long For

Friendship can be a generic term but as humans, we need genuine connections to be the person our potential says we can be. We all long for genuine human connections, and even in a busy life with lots of people around us, these genuine connections can be hard to find. We socialize online, but that’s not […]

Make a Friend Today for #NationalMakeAFriendDay!

It is National Make a Friend Day today. Recent articles and studies suggest that many men reach middle age with no friends. This feeds into horrifying statistics on men’s mental health and suicide rates. Buck the trend. Let Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett inspire you to reach out and create a bond — today.

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Who Is The Craziest: Men or Women?

Hint: It’s a trick question!

Living in Silence and Withholding a Diagnosis

What truly tests a man’s integrity? Author Steve Colori reflects on the moment he revealed his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder to his friends.

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What Type of ‘Crisis Friend’ Are You?

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For Love of the Bro-Mance

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