Why My Marriage Beats All of My Friendships

Why My Marriage by JK Califf

Sarafina Bianco reflects on how friendships drift as we grow into a long-term partnership.

Why People Think My Boyfriends And I Are Gay


Jordan Gray thinks it’s strange that people assume he and his male friends are dating, simply because of how they act with each other.

The Blitz: How One Play Changed My Football Career


Reluctantly lined up for his first football play, Keith Stewart would come to understand the true meaning of sports and create some life-long friendships.

The 7 Words that Changed a High School Bully


“I thought you were better than that.” These words were life-changing for Joseph Bardin.

Comment of the Day: “I was stuck in an abusive friendship…”

cotd 10-3

You can leave yourself behind for another person before you realize you’ve done it…

Dump Your Toxic Friends

dump friends top dr nerdlove Humphrey King

We spend a lot of time examining and looking out for toxic relationships but give very little consideration to the possibility that we have toxic friends.

My Pal the Bully

pal-Eric Lewis

When Jon Magidsohn’s son and one of his friends have a falling out, Dad wonders what part of the story he’s not hearing.

We Need a Witness to Our Lives


Duran Price discusses the importance of investing in human relationships and why being present in our friends’ lives mean everything.

‘Hey Girl': A Photo Essay Celebrating Men


Anna Birkás has been inspired by the awesome men in her life to create these images reflecting their freedom of self expression.

How to Do the “Skills a Man Should Know” (Humor)


JJ Vincent gives his personal instructions on mastering a list things that we’re supposed to know. To impress chicks. Or other dudes. Or something.

Alone at Life’s Threshold

threshold, college, senior year, graduation, real world, graduating, next steps

College senior, Dan Ferman, admits he’s scared. Nevertheless, he embraces the challenges ahead.

How to Make Friends When You’re 40

City Life

Luke Davis has an outline to making friends at forty, it starts easily enough.

Why Guys’ Night Out Might Be More Important in Middle Age

guy walks into a bar- Sixstring563-Flickr

A new study suggests guys’ night may yield real benefits in emotional maturity for increasingly-isolated middle-aged men.

Thank God for Community

photo by samjuk

Roger Torbert has seen the change since God put men in his life to help and support him.

A Month of Thankfulness: My Friends

guitar close-up

Chris Hicke doesn’t always find it easy to find it easy to make friends, but once he got into the metal scene, he really started to understand gratitude.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Oh, Wait. We Can!

can we be friends

JJ Vincent is convinced that men and women can be friends…if other people will let them.