18 Loving Limits for Successful Relationships

We can’t influence who joins the human tribe but we can influence which humans join ours.

Building A Closer Friendship With Other Men

Men tend to have fewer and fewer close friends as they age. That doesn’t have to be true for you.

The Words Don’t Always Define the Man

Are you too quick to make assumptions?

Why the Friend Zone isn’t Such a Bad Place to Be

He grew up in a world where men weren’t supposed to be friends with women, but he decided that world wasn’t for him.

8 Refreshing Reasons To Drink Beer

I don’t need 8 reasons to drink beer, but in case you do, here are 8 refreshing reasons to throw one back with a pal. — — Source: 30dB.com – Lagers vs Ales Photo credit: Flickr/Matthew Peoples

The Root of Our Dysfunctional Relationships

What happens when we forget the value of community?

Minimize and Simplify: Advice for Men Starting Over After a Divorce

Don’t waste your chance for a fresh start not only in your love life, but in your lifestyle.

Guys… Stop Being Judgmental Jerks

Do you refrain from sitting in judgment of your fellow man for what you see as his economic, athletic, sexual, academic, physical or other deficiencies?

Is a Man Capable of Outgrowing His Fears?

For many men, fear is either a great motivator or an unhealthy reaction to life. Being able to discern which way to go can make a difference.

When It’s Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Relationships

“When people show you over and over that they aren’t capable of loving you the way you want to be loved, believe them.”

Guys: Taking Care of Your Health is Crucial

Rather than become attentive to their health in their twenties or thirties, they charge on; full-speed, carefree, and reckless.

Guys, Gossip is Good for You

It’s time we started seeing gossip as a social skill and not a character flaw.

Doing It Alone

Trying to recover from your trauma alone is a long slow road. But opening up to others can be a huge step towards healing.

How to Be the Kind of Man You Wish You Were Friends With

Because it will help you learn emotional intimacy, avoid social isolation, and deepen the relationships you already have.

How Taking No for an Answer Can Build Intimacy

Nobody likes the word no. But what if it turned out to be a helpful word in your relationship?

6 Factors That Make For Extraordinary Friendships

Research reveals great friends lead to good health, but that’s just a byproduct says Darlene Quinn.