The Lesson That Made My Marriage Stronger

If you want to have better communication with your partner, learn how they learn.

My Kid Said ‘I Hate You’ and That Means I’m Doing Something Right

My son was pissed that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and I stood my ground, even when that made him feel, for that moment, the worst sort of frustration. That’s my job, as a parent, to do my best to lead him in the right direction, even when he hates me for it. The fact that we had that exchange meant I was doing something right.

Find Time or Find Someone Else

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Who Needs Peace-Keepers?

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Discussing the Cycle of Male Verbal Abuse

He used the same words. He used the same towering posture. This wasn’t about teaching me or guiding me to be a man. This was about control.

The Frustratingly Slow Pace of Making Changes

Many changes take time, and that can be hard to accept. But, it’s the patient who are often most rewarded.

Can Divorce Be an Act of Love? One Man’s Perspective

Love and Divorce are as closely related as Love and Marriage, and both can and should be done well.

A Father And Son Share a Moment After a Football Game

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