Back Off My Wife! My Jealousy of a Little Girl


Doug Zeigler used to get frustrated and angered by his daughter’s constant attempts to get his wife’s attention. But then he saw what was really the issue: his jealousy.

Catching Up With the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

Catching Up With the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

Josh Misner was pleased when an article he wrote about asking an airline employee for forgiveness went viral, but he never expected the airport worker to read the piece and contact him. This is what happened.

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

After losing his temper in front of his kids due to airport delays, Josh Misner met an airline employee who taught him the power of forgiveness

Work Like Hell and Don’t Stop: Pass it On

Work Like Hell- Steinmetz

A seasoned career veteran offers practical suggestions to a frustrated 22-year-old.

Thank God I’m a Violent Man


Gregory Jaquet thinks Catholic-inspired Latin American culture creates the framework for domestic violence.

I Never Thought I’d Be a Road Rage Kind of Guy. And Hope I Never Am Again.

Road rage photo by featheredtar

Pat Brothwell just had his second encounter with road rage. And he sure hopes it’s his last.

When Can I Catch Birds? (With My Bare Hands)?


Frustration station, what’s your stop? Bruce Ditman wants to know.

How Angry Black Men Make it Hard for All Black Men

angry man photo by maria gertsovskaya

Marie Roker-Jones loves black men. But the ones that appear to be angry all the time—well, she wants to know why.

Within My Control and Beyond

men working, work, office, workshop, desks, black and white, room, natural light, big windows

Josh Magill provides insight into the conundrum of control faced by Masterminds—like him.

New Folsom Prison Diary: April

view from prison, men in prison, prison life, typical day in prison, California state penitentiary, New Folsom

Spoon Jackson’s view of the world from Folsom State Prison is framed by a 3″x3′ tall window.

My Husband Would Feel Fury and Frustration


A separated woman recalls teasing and insulting her husband in front of others

Be Nice, You Rancid Little Punk!

father and son smoke pipes

The impatient father of a young perfectionist finds “Do as I say, not as I do,” is easier said than done.

Failure Is An Option

boy playing basketball

Kids need to be able to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

Basic Baby Care from One Dad to Another

father son

From nail clipping to anger management, Jason Greene offers up great infant parenting tips to new dads

Learning How to Grow


After a stroke, Bryce Emley’s father suffers permanent physical and mental impairment, but the cruelest effect has been the damage to his manhood.

Engaging the Boy Brain


How do we motivate boys to learn to read and write?