Mining Literature to Break Through to Our Dreams

Crushing 4 obstacles by frau-Vogel

A young writer finds gold in the prologue to “The Alchemist.”

5 Ways to Stay in Love

5 Ways to Stay by Steven S

When the love is there but the thrill is gone, these five fire starters can help you rapidly rekindle your romance.

Lasting Happiness Happens When You Live From Your Gut

Lasting Happiness by Jonathan Powell

When Chuck Chapman finally started listening to himself, he finally started being happy.

When Men Lose and Sacrifice

When men lose and sacrifice  Sachitha Obeysekara:Flickr

Men are often more consumed with what they will sacrifice if they are truly themselves, rather than what they will gain by embracing it fully.

The 1 Thing Happy People Don’t Do

Stop Waiting, Start Living by Nathan ONions

Thomas Fiffer shares a single, simple pitfall that happy people avoid.

Young Men Are Told to Pursue Their Passion, But What Are Keys to the Chase?

passion, dreams, path

Know the difference between passion and love, find the appropriate balance, let your passion drive your work choices, and don’t be afraid to quit.

3 Steps Men Can Take When ‘Liking Yourself’ is No Longer Enough


Leo Searle Hawkins shows us how the power of gratitude dissolves the sense of something lacking in our lives, and how what remains is the feeling of true fulfillment.

How Leaving Corporate America Changed My Life

parachute usarmy rainier

Sometimes you end a career to save it.

Boys in the Friend Zone


How can we mentor boys in dating and relationship skills?

The Pressure to ‘Have It All’ and the Need to Redefine Success


We all get the same 24 hours. How you prioritize your time involves trade-offs of one kind of success for another.

How Our Passions Can Teach Us to Live Well


Follow your heart to success.

Show Me the Love

show me the love

As money becomes a scarcity, Seth Jaret sees something that is taking its place.

7 Steps to Finding Success That Matters to You


The only success that matters, Andrew Bruskin writes, is the success that matters to you.