Hope For the Future: Pint-Sized Percussionists Nail Zeppelin on the Xylophone

Prepare for the awesome.

Use the Forks, Luke! Star Wars Invades the Kitchen [video]

One cook went force and leia-d down an epic breakfast.

What Dads Do When They Think No One is Watching [Video]

Rub-a-dub-dub, two buddies in a tub…and one mommy with a camera.

One Minute Desktop Catapult (instructions included) [Video]

One minute. Three items. Lots of awesome. JJ Vincent hopes you’ll have fun.

Hear the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Theme Played On Wine Glasses

Some said it couldn’t be done…

Daily Fun: Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Blow Your Mind With an iPad and Some Doo-Wop

I went into this video dubious, but Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel knocked my socks off with this improvised song… made with an iPad.

I Dare You Not to Smile. Seriously.

OMG! Rap. Snooki. And what would two 85-year-old best friends name their band?

Banker Talks 12 Ducklings Off a Ledge (Video)

You won’t believe what Joel Armstrong did to save a family of ducks.

VIDEO: Guy Does WHAT On a Unicycle?!

This guy’s got balls of steel.