Beside Myself: Why April Fools is Important

fools pic

David Sewell McCann will happily lose some sleep if it means teaching his children that “Life is Fun.”

Are You Playing or Are You Dead?

Playing Flickr ingermaaike2

James Altucher realizes that you either play or you die, the choice is yours. And his.

How I Knew I Was Depressed

How I Knew I Was Depressed photo by indieman

For Norbert Brown, it was when he was asked a question he couldn’t answer.

The Game Changer is a Meal-Maker at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Bills Wild Wings ggnoads

Took the family to Buffalo Wild Wings on a summery day in Chicago. I’ll be back for another round of wings with that sweet barbeque sauce.

Avenue Q Heads North to Canada


One of New York’s most hilarious, tongue-in-cheek puppet shows makes its way to the Great White North.

What Do I Stand For?


Canadian Dad blogger Chris Read uses the Fun song as a catalyst to examine his own values.

The Trouble with Trouble

The trouble with trouble

We’ve all been there, yes?

I Hope My Son Is Lucky


JD Roberto wasn’t a bad kid growing up, just a little wild and very lucky.

29 Play Dates to Spice Up Your Relationships


Arcades, board games, picnics, oh my!

A List of Stupid Things I Have Done Whilst Biking

Bicycle Fall

Josh Bowman Lists Some of the Stupidest Things He Has Done on a Bicycle

Her Majesty’s Triple Strawberry Cake

Tweet      Friday night I was in my mom’s kitchen cooking while my 14-year-old daughter, who I affectionately refer to as Drama Queen, “helped.”  My mom was out of town and to be perfectly honest I prefer her kitchen to what I have to cook in, so we commandeered her place for a while. […]

Ten Improv Scenes I Am Tired Of Watching (And Sometimes Stupidly Being In) – People and Chairs Guestpost

TweetI was generously offered the opportunity to write a guestpost for Sally Smallwood’s wonderful and insightful improv blog. Here it is: Note: Any scene can be terrific if it’s played enthusiastically and intelligently, but generally when I see players initiate any of the scenes below, it doesn’t end well. PS: I’ve done most of these […]

My very un-tenthings guestpost shared on a very excellent blog

TweetI wrote a guest post on a sad dating story for my wonderful blogger friend (and former tenthings guestposter) Sexy Typewriter, who writes an amazing blog about dating (by the way, if you are a man interested in amazing women, you should date her). Here is my very un-tenthings guestpost, in all its sad glory:  

Great Moments in Greatness: Two Of A Kind (Michael Jackson & Diana Ross)

A candid moment for two entertainers who really loved what they did.

#whodwin Wednesday: Playoffs Time, Baby! [Fan-Decided Character Battles]

After fifteen weeks, fifty two characters are left to do battle, until there can only be one …

How Do Dads Play?


We Know Play Is Good For Us All. Jennifer Cooper shares what she has learned about games Dads play.