How to Have Energy to Give Your Family


Spending, refueling, and being conscious of your energy levels will make you a better husband and father.

Free Time: Why it’s Important for Our Kids to Have it

free time

Undirected play opens up a new world to children where they can solve problems both imagined and real. Unstructured play drives children to be creative, learn and play at their own pace, and removes some of the stress created by the pressure to follow adult rules.

A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why


Three important lessons every father should learn to help avoid the inevitable.

How to Support Your Partner While They Start a New Business


After getting let go from her job, she grew her side business. What she wasn’t ready for was how it would affect her relationship.   — When I first started dating my boyfriend Jeff, I was almost a year into my business. When we first met, I had a full-time job while growing a side […]

When She Said ‘No’ to Sex On Their Second Date, This Happened


She thought there was potential for a relationship. Then he disappeared. Here’s what she’d like him to know. — Dear Houdini (my disappearing man), Finally, a man who was not afraid to express his opinions. Over the past year, I went on scores of first dates with men who talked about themselves too much (do […]

An Addiction That Ruined Our Sex Life and Almost Ended Our Marriage


He married the love of his life, but let this addiction ruin their love. — Let me start off by saying this isn’t going to be an article attacking porn or judging you if you watch porn. I’m simply sharing what happened to me and how it affected our marriage. You have to make the […]

10 First-Date Ideas That Don’t Include Awkward Dinner Conversation


The main way to avoid awkward dinner conversation is to avoid the dinner date.

One Sexual Partner Was Not Enough For My Ex-Husband


She thought they were meeting friends. She didn’t expect those friends to have their clothes off and swapping partners. — The “Alternative Lifestyle/Swinging” is a practice from the sixties and the Sexual Revolution. Obviously, it has not ended. It’s not just in the areas you would expect to find it–it is hidden quietly in middle-class […]

The #1 Thing That’s Stopping You From Success


You can live an amazing life and accomplish your dreams if you beat this roadblock. — It took me a little while to figure out what was holding me back. And after only 33 years, I’ve discovered it. Now, you’re probably smiling and thinking that 33 years is a long time to figure things out. And you’re […]

What My Dad Taught Me About Love


His dad’s life shouted “I love you” without saying the words.

What is Adventure and Why Do You Need It as a Man?


How has an adventure changed your life?  — Thus adventure gives you a feeling of freedom and ownership over your life. The title of my podcast is the Art of Adventure, and at the end of the show I ask all my guests. “what does adventure mean to you?” Answers usually relate to getting out […]

A Man’s Sexual Insecurities


Size and performance are always on a man’s mind, but here’s what women are really looking for.  — “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” ~ Viktor Frankl The best part of my work is when I […]

5 Ways Guys Can Find a Dream Job


Do you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime? — Back in the day, listening to the words “overtime” and “double time” were music to my ears. Working 50-60 hours meant more money but less time with the family. And, less time pursuing my dreams. I realized that life […]

Are You a Man the Light Shines on?

Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 11.27.31 PM

Instead of focusing on how the light shines on you, focus on how it shines on someone else instead.

The Bittersweet Moment When a Dad Realizes His Daughters Have Become Gamers


Dad Frank is a console game fiend. One day he realized that his daughters had not fallen far from his tree. Here’s what happened.

Extreme Camping Challenges


Camping isn’t just s’mores and fishing. Rich Monetti talks with Outward Bound about teens and teamwork in nature.