“I am female and I watch porn daily. I don’t see it as an addiction”

Like Porn

5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn

10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl


‘Women, not girls, rule my world’.- Prince

Why I’ve Been Shocked By The Women I’ve Slept With


A male writer remembers the women he’s met that pleasantly surprised him intimately, and how they smashed his preconceptions about who should be good at…you know.

May The Force Be With You, Motherf*cker! ‘Star Wars’ Reimagined As A Tarantino Film (Video)


A young movie fan created a ‘Star Wars’ trailer influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s aesthetic. The result? The best ‘Star Wars’ trailer ever.

A Kick That Delivers

A kick in the nuts delivers by by trendscout::/Flickr

Do guys feel empathy? Of course they do. Here’s a video to prove it.

The Ultimate Paper Airplane in Flight (and How to Make It) [Video]

paper airplanes

Most of us wasted plenty of class time making paper airplanes. JJ Vincent found one that leaves those behind.

Beside Myself: Why April Fools is Important

fools pic

David Sewell McCann will happily lose some sleep if it means teaching his children that “Life is Fun.”

Are You Playing or Are You Dead?

Playing Flickr ingermaaike2

James Altucher realizes that you either play or you die, the choice is yours. And his.

How I Knew I Was Depressed

How I Knew I Was Depressed photo by indieman

For Norbert Brown, it was when he was asked a question he couldn’t answer.

The Game Changer is a Meal-Maker at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Bills Wild Wings ggnoads

Took the family to Buffalo Wild Wings on a summery day in Chicago. I’ll be back for another round of wings with that sweet barbeque sauce.

Avenue Q Heads North to Canada


One of New York’s most hilarious, tongue-in-cheek puppet shows makes its way to the Great White North.

What Do I Stand For?


Canadian Dad blogger Chris Read uses the Fun song as a catalyst to examine his own values.

The Trouble with Trouble

The trouble with trouble

We’ve all been there, yes?

I Hope My Son Is Lucky


JD Roberto wasn’t a bad kid growing up, just a little wild and very lucky.

29 Play Dates to Spice Up Your Relationships


Arcades, board games, picnics, oh my!

A List of Stupid Things I Have Done Whilst Biking

Bicycle Fall

Josh Bowman Lists Some of the Stupidest Things He Has Done on a Bicycle