Unfundamentalist Parenting

Cindy Brandt wonders how to be an unfundamentalist parent while she raises her her children with faith.

Mass Terror Attacks: Blame the Easy Targets?

How do we decide whether a shooting is caused by mental illness or terrorism? What if it’s both?

Hypocrisy, Despair, Faking it, or Giving up — the Choice is yours, Dude

We need goals. But if these goals are much too far out of reach—if they are (for most, if not all) unattainable—then they force us to choose between hypocrisy and despair, between faking it and giving up. ––– “You know, I can trust a cynic, and a con man, but I can’t trust a hypocrite. […]

Is My Gay Agenda Anti-Christian?

A former evangelical minister turned LGBT advocate comes clean about his motives.

Every Civilization Faces a Dark Age

Spencer Pennington doesn’t fear Muslims, he fears Islamophobia.

Taking the Religious Imagination Seriously

Is it time to accept religion as a real motive force behind violent action in the world?

A Troll’s Quest: On Holly Fisher and Other Remoras

In just a few days Holly Fisher has gained 23,000 Twitter followers, been featured in nearly every “news” source and has became, at once, an overnight darling and an overnight joke. But how did she do it?

Why Republicans Are Even Losing Middle-Aged White Guys Now

Christopher Dale isn’t as liberal as he used to be, but he’s not ready to vote for bigotry and craziness either.

Dear God, Where Did I Go Wrong With You?

Jesse Bradley considers where our spiritual scars come from, drawing from his many years as a pastor listening to people share their stories and experiences.

The Camel in the Living Room: Christianity & Capitalism

It is a commonly held belief that, some 2,000 years ago, a book, in complete form—edited with annotations—fell from the heavens.

Why Do Men Need Male-Only Groups on Campus?

At universities around the world, men’s groups are banned.

Six Things That Aren’t “Literally” in the Bible

It’s fine if you want to believe these things. Just stop saying they’re in an easily-checkable text, and stop taking other people’s word for it that they are.

What If Being Gay Were A Choice?

Let us imagine a world where choosing your sexuality is as conscious, and awkward, as sex ed was.

Beautiful Liars

Carl Pettit wishes politicians would stop insulting his intelligence, and put more effort into their lies.

Soul Is Hard to Find

After all the hard work he’s put in, Rick Belden wonders if there are some things we just can’t change.

A Gay, Hippie-Generation Vietnam Protestor Has Some Advice for You

Occupy Wall Street and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may mark the beginning of the end of an era of complacency, fundamentalism, and a privileged few.