The Newest ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ Is Magic

Chris Pratt mean tweet

I wish I could be as funny as these guys when reading mean stuff. Also, Chris Pratt is the absolute best.

Guys, Do You Do Weird Stuff Like This When You’re Alone?

weird stuff guys do

Personally, I don’t think this stuff is that weird. Oh, and ladies do it too.

These BuzzFeed Videos of Guys Doing “Lady Stuff” Are Funny, But Also Weird

guy getting waxed BuzzFeed

Joanna Schroeder wants to talk to you guys about “lady stuff” and why it’s funny (and sometimes not) when guys do it.

How to Be a Man: A Goofy Instructional Video

how to be a man buzz feed

Because “sawdust is man-glitter” after all.

Key & Peele Show How We’ve Totally Messed Up Our Relationships With Text Messaging

key and peele text messages

Key and Peele totally misread each other’s text messages. Will this end with bloodshed? (Probably not, seeing as they’re comedians)

Deliciously Pretentious Baby Announcement, Wes Anderson-Style

baby announcement wes anderson

It’s “The Pretentious Presentation of the Uterine Inhabitant” video and it’s great.

Hilarious Video Turns Google Street View Into a Horror Movie

Google House View

I just burst out laughing. Pretty well done, guys!

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler

tripp and tyler naked

You don’t realize how weird toddlers are until you watch a grown man re-enact what they do.

The Scary Internal Monologue of a First Date (video)

true first date

You’ve been there… you probably know it well.

Why Is This So Funny? Two Guys Act Out a Conversation Between Two 60 Year-Old Sisters

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.37.48 PM

I don’t know what it is about this, but I just died laughing.

Do You Need Selfies Anonymous? (Video)

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 11.09.45 PM

Another funny vide from Tripp & Tyler that offers interesting social commentary.

A Rare Look Inside the Mind of George R. R. Martin (Video)


One fan’s humorous take on how the series A Song of Fire and Ice was written.

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say (video)

black people said the stuff white people say

Seriously funny video reminds us how important it is to not say stupid stuff, even with the best of intentions.

Bro-ing Out With Don and Tony: Not Enough Women in Expendables 3

kilstein feminist bros

Two comedians play Feminist Bros…

If Gay Guys Said the Crap Straight People Say… (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.35.47 PM

“So, with your and your girlfriend… how do you decide who does what?”

The Folks at Bad Lip Reading Turn Game of Thrones Into “Medieval Land Fun-Time World”

Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading

GoT fans cannot help but crack up at the funny re-interpretation of this trailer by the hilarious team at Bad Lip Reading.