Do Chickens Float?

Do chickens float? Well my daughter and I try it! We put one in our pool. Yes it’s a real, live chicken!

The Night I Inadvertently Traumatized a Neighbor With My Nakedness

One night, though it could have been any, I found myself half-naked while making macaroni and cheese at one in the morning. When it was ready, I sprinted downstairs and watched yet another episode of The Larry Sanders Show. All in all, it was a good, lazy evening.

When Your Window Washer Doubles as Your Cat’s Playdate

Every job has it’s unique perks and pitfalls. This window washer is making the most of his day by providing some entertainment for a very bored house-cat.

Tinder, Bumble, and the MVP of Online Dating Profile Pictures

Finding the good (and humorous) in online dating apps…

Seven Parenting Lessons You’ll Probably Have To Learn On Your Own

Matt Brennan on how to clean spaghetti off of the walls, how to hide stickers, and on sleeping as much as you can.

My 10 Favorite Types of Men…in Memes

Arianna Jeret shares 10 of the internet’s best depictions of masculinity (IHHO).

Bears Scared Away By A 20 Pound French Bulldog

A security video shows a fearless French bulldog charging toward two bear cubs.

Bill Murray’s 5 Greatest Movies: One Guys View

Craig Playstead shares a lists of his favorite Bill Murray movies and insists you check them out!

Soup To Nuts: Origins of Some Common Phrases

Ever wanted to know where the word O.K. came from? Rich Monetti let’s us in.

Pick Up a Broom & Sweep Her Off Her Feet: The Foreplay Women Really Want

There’s nothing that heats up a woman’s internal thermometer faster than the sight of a man cleaning. Use this chart and possibly skip foreplay altogether!

WORST Of The NFL Week 3 [Rams Pyrotechnics FAIL, Joe Philbin And…Fans?]

These guys share some of the worst moments of the NFL.

How To: Watch Dancing with the Stars… Like a Man

Dancing with the stars helps dads stay hip — Jessica Lahitou shows us how.

Survivors Of Dad Jokes

These kids share the horrors of facing terrible jokes by their very own fathers.

Adam Savage Gleefully Discovers The Duck Army Meme

He knows a quack when he sees one.

A Stand-Up Comedian. In India. In the 1400s.

View image | Jesse Kornbluth on one of the world’s first funny-men. ______ Did you know there were stand-up comedians in India in the 1400s? Me neither — until I read Kabir. Why? Because Kabir was playing the greatest comic role of all — God’s own fool. Sacrilege! Why, this is one of India’s […]

A Very Honest Salesman Shows You His F150 Truck

This truck has been in the family for a while, and it is time to sell it. Kristen can not drive it…so, it must go. Please watch the video to learn more about the ride.