5 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Need You To Be “The Cool Dad”

Instead, they need us to be present — guiding them, disciplining them, and loving them.

My Body: The Temple, Part I

Nick Ward shares his memories of his body not looking and acting like everyone else’s.

Parenting In The Winter Is All About Surviving The Snot


Little Kid Disrupts his Sister’s YouTube Video in the Best Possible Way

A girl using her phone to record a song she was playing from inside her guitar is interrupted by her little brother. He deftly recovers her device and saves it from an untimely death.

Road Debris or, Wait… What Was That?!

That moment when what you thought it was is NOT what is was.

James Bond Is A Terrible Employee

For over 50 years, Bond’s gone above and beyond the “loose cannon” trope and skipped straight to disobeying orders and infuriating his superiors. Beyond the spy gadgets and improbable love affairs, the most unbelievable part of the Bond series is that MI6 never got around to firing him.

Russell Westbrook Throws Inbounds Pass Off Opponent’s Back To Himself, Scores Buzzer-Beater

We have no words. This is insane. How? What? The refs didn’t either, apparently, and waved the basket off.

Turkeys Attack Falmouth Mailman ‘Every day’

What are these rogue turkeys after?

Beer Yoga With Granddude

Watch as a 60 year old man places a beer on his head and drink it without using his hands or arms!

8 People Who Have a Firm Grasp on What’s Important in Life

Role models.

Weird Stuff That Happened to Me as a Marginally Successful Child Actor

Some jobs have more odd moments than others…

Do Chickens Float?

Do chickens float? Well my daughter and I try it! We put one in our pool. Yes it’s a real, live chicken!

The Night I Inadvertently Traumatized a Neighbor With My Nakedness

One night, though it could have been any, I found myself half-naked while making macaroni and cheese at one in the morning. When it was ready, I sprinted downstairs and watched yet another episode of The Larry Sanders Show. All in all, it was a good, lazy evening.

When Your Window Washer Doubles as Your Cat’s Playdate

Every job has it’s unique perks and pitfalls. This window washer is making the most of his day by providing some entertainment for a very bored house-cat.

Tinder, Bumble, and the MVP of Online Dating Profile Pictures

Finding the good (and humorous) in online dating apps…

Seven Parenting Lessons You’ll Probably Have To Learn On Your Own

Matt Brennan on how to clean spaghetti off of the walls, how to hide stickers, and on sleeping as much as you can.