Brains and Banditry in the Age of In Vitro

Brains photo by neil conway

Tweet Tommy Raskin looks at the complexities of IQ, from the historical to implications for the future. —– There will likely come a point in the next couple centuries when our technology surpasses the limits of our current doctrine of “technological ethics.”  At this juncture, we will be capable of fundamentally altering the quality of […]

Syria: A Terrific Moment for International Relevancy

United Nations photo by US Mission Geneva

Bruce Tretter believes there is something we can all do about Syria—stand by the UN and help it succeed.

How Men Can Deal With The Fear Of The Unknown

worried man, old man, future, past,

Almost every man worries about what will happen in the future, Stan Popovich provides a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage this fear of dealing with the unknown.

How To Stay Married – A 5 Point Plan


Jeff Bogle gives a layout for a strong, lasting marriage.

The 4th o’ July: Remembrance of Things Past

Frederick Douglas appealing to George Washington

Ross Steinborn remembers the words of Frederick Douglas, and reminds us to look to both the past and the future for our vision of freedom.

Slaves and Robots

R2-D2 from Star Wars

If we invent a machine with a personality and desires, does it deserve freedom?

What Can You Learn from a First Grader?

photo by neeta_lind

Ken Goldstein takes part in a program called Reading to Kids, and see the potential for all of us.

An Open Letter to Future Me


Valentine Brkich discusses the joys of parenthood with his future self.

First, Be a Cowboy


I’m not saying this is the only life plan one could cleave to, but it’s working for me so far. I’ll let you know how the fishing goes, if I get there.

Social Media, Future Trends

photo by ume-y

Lisa Hickey quickly highlights a few changing trends she sees in the Social Media landscape.

A Cannon That Shoots Cars Instead of Cannonballs. How’s That for High-Tech?

flying car

This is the future, y’all.

Futurism: The First Space Mining Company Is Set To Secure The Stars

space miners

Taking the first step towards, maybe, just maybe, becoming a type one civilization at long last.

Oh Yeah: A Bike that Hovers


For a mere $40,000.

Radical Openness: Where Ideas Have Sex [video]

where ideas have sex

A wild, futuristic, provocative ride into the heart of a concept that Jason Silva calls “radical openness”.

Here Comes The Flying Car, At Last. FOR REAL!


Hannibal Tabu wants to let you to know that the future has arrived.

#musicmonday: symphony of light [free MP3 downloads]

Like an Invid invasion after your devastating weekend, it’s time to get your music download on!