A Piece of Shrapnel, A Purple Heart

As part of Gaby Dunn’s ‘100 interviews’ project, she wanted to talk to someone who was awarded a Purple Heart. Here’s the story of Brian Scott.

Best of GMP’s Articles on Social Issues

From human rights abuses, to circumcision, to war, The Good Men Project has been tackling many of the issues central to the lives of men around the world. Here are a few of the editors’ favorites.

What Is It Like to Be a “One-Hit Wonder”?

Gaby Dunn interviews Isaiah Taylor of the Baha Men, who had the hit single “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Shipwrecks, Mirrors, and My Dad’s Hero Complex

Gaby Dunn reflects on when her dad’s self-impressed identity complex nearly killed him—and her.

27 Years Without a Fix

Ron Tannebaum shares his story of the luxurious wealth and crippling addiction that came with smuggling, dealing, and ultimately abusing cocaine and heroin.

“I’m Sorry, Is Your Leg Missing?” An Interview with an Amputee

Gaby Dunn conducted 100 interviews. Here’s one with a man who is outrageously funny, smart, determined, and “makes coffee nervous.” And happens to be missing a leg.