Wayne Maguire’s INKED IKONS


Freelance Artist Wayne Maguires selections entitled “INKED IKONS” blew Alex Yarde away!

John Boehner Isn’t Going Anywhere


Despite all the talk about ousting the current Republican Speaker of the House, his position is pretty secure.

The Historian And The Politician


An online intellectual fight shows the limits of the historical perspective in politics.

For One Day, All I Said Was “Hodor”


James Fell went an entire day only saying the word “Hodor” and amazingly, his wife didn’t move out and his kids still love him.

A Guy’s Take on Why People Hate ‘Girls’


Why so much vitriol for Lena Dunham’s HBO series? Pat Brothwell thinks he gets it.

Don’t Feed the Machine: Give the Gift of Presence This Year


The machine of capitalism is hungry. Are you willing to stop feeding it, at least for a little bit? Doug Zeigler ponders valuing things over presence.

7 Great Geek Gifts For Every Fandom


Looking for the perfect present for that special Geek in your life? Look no further.

Is This the Most Sexist Show on Television?


“The Newsroom” is a soapbox for progressive politics—so why are its gender roles so ridiculously outdated?

Inside the Mind of a Procrastinating Meditator


Is my curiosity or my desire to escape reality propelling my procrastination?

Game of Thrones: Queer Politics, Scandalous Sex


Inspired by Antonin Scalia, former sex worker Antonia Crane analyzes the transgressive politics of the Game of Thrones.

A Game of Manhood

AP Photo/HBO, Nick Briggs

How a fictional world governed by archaic values sparks thought about progressive masculinity

TV’s New Golden Age and Why Homeland Won’t Be Remembered


Greg Olear had high hopes that Homeland would join the ranks of the truly elite television dramas. Here, his criteria for what makes a TV show superb.

“But I Know It’s Not Real!” – Kids, Video Games and Guns


Samuel Sattin introduces a new generation to the latest in violent video games, and realizes that much has changed since the days of Zelda and Duck Hunt.

A Practical Guide to Bravery


Carl Pettit offers a taxonomy of bravery for the rest of us to emulate.


cat float at Burning Man

People in relationships can’t fathom what single men do with their time. If they can make an event, surely you can. Sean Carney explains.

HBO Says ‘Sorry’ for Decapitated GW Bush Head

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 7.36.51 AM

Turns out a recycled George W Bush prosthetic head was used in the filming of Game of Thrones… Oops.