Finding Our Version of Perfect in the Cheap Seats

As a parent, you learn what real perfection actually looks like. And it’s not perfect.

My Super Bowl: The Good, Bad, and Sublime in Sports

Football, a game that is starting to evolve for the future.

Consider This When Judging a Basketball Brawl

What’s so different about a fight in basketball?

Lessons from the Field

Ten strategies for winning the game of life. — We are all players on the football field of life, however, to score a winning goal; you have to be fully present on the field. Showing up in your life means you are not a spectator on the sidelines just waiting for life to happen to […]

Mastering The Game: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Success in Life

Can video games teach success strategies to children and adults? Jonathan Harrison is betting a book on it.

10 Ways To Have Fun In Your Relationship: The Language Of Kids At Play

Have you forgotten how to play? Steven Lake reminds us how important it is to have FUN in your relationship.

Have You Ever Seen a Perfect Game of Snooker? (If Not, You’re In For a Treat)

  Meet Ronnie O’Sullivan, master of snooker. Here he gets a score of 147, the maximum, for the twelve time in his career. Yes he is playing against an opponent, although you’d never know it.


Christopher Nelson remembers “Bloody Knuckles”—and the disturbing things it taught us about manhood.

A Kick That Delivers

Do guys feel empathy? Of course they do. Here’s a video to prove it.

I Dare You To Try This Pie

Jarad Dewing challenges you to expand your concept of dessert with this savory pie.

“The traits that make men louts are the same traits that give rise to the qualities women seem to prefer.”

This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “I’m Sorry, But I Love You”.

The Only Sensible Thing to Do: Pro Golfer Drops Trousers to Shoot from Water Hazard

Is that what you would have done?

The Gentlemen of Paradise

Carl Pettit finds the mating rituals of the male of the species, avian and human, comically and tragically similar.

Sexed-Up Models, Advertising and the Candy Bar Game

A simple game to take back our construction of beauty from the mass media.

Boys in the Friend Zone

How can we mentor boys in dating and relationship skills?

Ladies, Demand What You Want

To get what you want, you have to be willing to walk away from anything else.