Mahatma Gandhi’s 5 Teachings To Bring About World Peace

“How can I make difference so that I may bring peace to this world that I love and cherish so much? A name flickers instantly in my mind.”  – Mahatma Gandhi — “If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. He lived, thought, acted and inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world […]

10 Ways to Disconnect From Hookup Culture

If you’ve come out of the hookup culture feeling empty, you’re not the only one. Daniel Dowling has a plan to help you find the satisfaction you deserve.

Do You Really Want to Be a Leader?

Moving up the ladder is for some, is it for you?

How to Change the World

Embed from Getty Images Dr. King wasn’t “just” a pastor, and Ghandi wasn’t “just” a lawyer. You’re never “just” a person, unless you decide that’s all you care to be. — Sometimes I watch the news, or on a rare occasion I pick up a newspaper, and it seems as if our world is falling apart. […]

Nobre Fashion and Noble Men

NOBRE fights social evils with fashion that polishes the qualitative features of a man!

Veteran Actor/Director: Richard Attenborough, Dies Age 90

The passing of an icon of cinema is marked today.

The Reality Of Suicide: We Must All Take Responsibility for Change

The difference between cancer and depression is that cancer attacks the physical self, whereas depression decimates the mind and soul. Sadly, the way society supports people with the ‘invisible illness’ is the opposite to those with the visibly-apparent diagnosis, and is why the suicide rate is expanding at such an alarming rate.

Disney, Mom, and the Fear of Angry Women

A Loving Mom and Disney Set-up Unrealistic Expectations for Steven Lake When Coping With Women’s Anger

Celebrating Dr. King the Right Way

On MLK Day 2014, John Lash asks us to fully realize the profound power of our daily actions both to change ourselves and to change others.

Breaking the Emotional Coma Cycle

Jason Hairston explains how constricted masculinity damages male relationships

Raise a Kid You Would Like to Have a Drink With

Jeff Hay thinks parents should lead by example—and that you can learn a lot about a person from the way they handle a bar stool.

Man-to-Man with Cultural Thinker Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric is perhaps the world’s foremost authority on empathy. Here’s our interview with him.

Teaching Peace – For Martin

Peace is daunting and dangerous. But Julie Gillis insists that it has to be taught.

Letter to My New Grandson

Paul Sloane tells his grandson the meaning of life, in 2100 and beyond.

Opposites Attract, to a Point

A longtime bachelor finds love and marriage don’t always arrive as planned.

I Was Born a Sinner

People tried to change Nicholas Ferroni, believing that the way he was born would make life harder. Fortunately, he came to accept himself the way God made him.