I’m a Gay American

Gay woman expresses personal angst about the Orlando mass shooting and how it impacts the LGBTQ community as a whole

The New ‘New Dylans’: Musical Storytellers for Modern Times

Here are four of the finest narrators who still use song as a medium—raconteurs capturing distinctly modern stories.

Good Grief

A generation later, Kile Ozier believes the gay community has still not healed from the ravaging shame and grief that accompanied the AIDS crisis.

Biting Bad Apples: The Truth About the “Ex-Gay” Movement

The conversion therapy business may be more about making money than setting you straight.

Fear and Love in the Time of AIDS

Donald D’Haene’s date with fear taught him the real meaning of love.

The Long Road to Pride

From “Gays for Ford” to the 1979 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, Kile Ozier makes a lifetime journey to Pride.

Pride’s Progress: The Mainstreaming of Gay Culture

Stefan Borst-Censullo believes the mainstream success of Pride Parades means the gay rights movement is winning.

“As a bi, I’ve been shunned by the gay community for not being lesbian enough.”

This comment was from Kat, in reply to 8bal, on the post “10 Things I’ve Learned from Having Queer Friends.”