Marketing Ploy Tricks Men into Enjoying Movie


Ged Gilmore performs a social experiment on his mates. He took them to see a movie. While they all enjoyed it immensely, every one of them was annoyed.

Desexualizing the Modern Gay Man


Are people trying to help the gay rights movement doing more harm than good?

Are Hookup Apps Destroying Gay Culture?

hookup apps

One writer thinks that hookup apps are perpetuating stereotypes and destroying relationships.

Freaks, Geeks, Outcasts, Cultural Appropriation, and Boys Like Me


When one group takes on the characteristics and mannerisms of another, is it cultural appropriation, admiration, or an attempt to identify with someone beyond themselves?

A Good Person Can Be Hard To Find, Especially Online

dating apps Mike Licht

Ryan Shea thinks it can be hard to find a good partner on gay apps.

Donald D’Haene DISHes with Comedian Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt, comedian, comedienne, London Ontario, Canadian comedian, lesbian comedian

Smart, funny, Canadian, and not to be confused with the late night Goth queen, Elvira Kurt talks about being a lesbian dad, whether London is gay, and how to be cool.

Good Grief

NAMES Project, AIDS Memorial Quilt, AIDS crisis, AIDS, HIV, gay community, gay men's health crisis, gay men support

A generation later, Kile Ozier believes the gay community has still not healed from the ravaging shame and grief that accompanied the AIDS crisis.

Joshua and the VCR

VHS, 80s, gay 80s, gay teens, teens flirting, boys kissing, gay culture, gay connections, romantic stories, physical culture, homoeroticism, The Good Life, gay pride, Townes Coates

Townes Coates reminds us of the days before the internet provided more straightforward ways for gay boys to connect.

The Year of Drinking Dangerously

photo by rstinnett posterized

Sintong Gaspari doesn’t want to be a part of gay culture. But he doesn’t want to be alone, either.

Gay Israeli Culture from an Israeli’s Perspective


American travel writer Sophie Needelman meets an Israeli soldier who shows her the gay State of Israel.

The Gay Look


Being a gay man has everything to do with being a masculine man.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The Slut Walk for Men


Donald D’Haene brings us the origin of the word “slut,” as well as his support of the White Ribbon Campaign raising awareness of violence against women.

Pee Wee, Cowboy Curtis & Oeufs en Cocotte

eggs in ramekins 5

If you want to make a good impression the morning after, learn to make these sexy-soft eggs in your new friend’s kitchen.

Gay Day at Disney Meets the Promise Keepers

Super Q at Gay Pride

Justin Cascio remembers when being out and proud has been a courageous, life-affirming act.

Gay Pride 2012 on The Good Life

pride montage

Gay Pride on The Good Life

Kings for a Day: A Bear’s First Pride

Bears at Boston Pride 2012

Gay pride is more than sex: it’s acceptance, diversity, and love.