Yes, I Get Why You are Voting for Trump. Here’s What It Will Cost You in the End.

She went into a speech about how Trump was a no-nonsense, tell it like it is, straight shooter. My camel’s back was starting to give way as I sat in silence. “And he is a BRILLIANT business man!” There it went. Here’s what happened next.

Not Everything Should Be Shared Publicly

On gay fathers, insight from the straight-partner point of view is very different than from the child’s point of view. A mother-son dialogue from The Gay Dad Project.

Another Perspective to Help Put It All In Perspective

A son gains the maturity to contemplate the complexities of his mother’s identity and relationship to his father, who came out as a gay man.

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: The Gay Dads Project Letter From Amie to Jared

Jared Karol had to broach the subject of his gay father more than once with his co-worker, Amie Shea, before she wanted to open up about her own gay dad.

Having a Gay Dad: Once a Stigma, Now a Source of Pride: Jared Replies to Amie

Jared Karol on dealing separately with the confusion of having a gay father, and the man his father was.

The Gay Dad Project Letters: Jared’s Response to Erin

When you’re a teenager and your father comes out as gay, you can end up feeling like there’s no one you can tell. Erin and Jared exchange letters about their experiences as the children of gay men.

The Gay Dad Project Letters

Your dad is gay, too? How Jared, Erin, and Amie found each other and created a project for families like theirs.