How Two Little Boys Brought Their New Dads Greater Acceptance and a Sense of Wonder


Ted and Xavier struggled with the rejection of their families over their relationship. Two little brothers changed that and gave them a more appreciative view of life. Here is their story.

What This Dad Knows This Thanksgiving, and It is Pretty Profound


This blogger was trying to write deep meaning into his Thanksgiving message, when he found he knew nothing about anything. So he wrote what he did know, and as it turns out, it was the most meaningful thing of all.

“Your Kids are So Lucky to Have You” — Really?


Like many foster care/adoptive parents, blogger Christopher Thangaraj heard the “compliment” uttered many times. It never sat well with him. Here is why.

Two Dads, Three Babies, Three Different Surrogates


Life is about to get three times more hectic for Luke Harris and Daryl Lee.

A Grandmother’s Legacy: A Single Black Gay Man Adopts


When Alvin decided to adopt, he wasn’t ready for response from his communities.

My Open Letter to the Two Dads Who Save the Life of Their Son Each and Every Day


Two dads anticipated the upcoming adoption with thrill and wonder. Then they found out their new son had a rare disease, one they would have to save him from every day of his life. This is their story.

A Dad’s 6 Point Survival Guide for Those Against Same Sex Parent Led Families


Same sex marriage is now legal in many states where many Christians have fought against it. This dad has put together a biblically based survival guide to help them cope with what is happening in their neighborhoods.

Gay Dads Face an “Empty Nest” Knowing They Blazed a Trail


Ricardo and Jesse Ortiz-Barreto adopted older kids in the 1990s, and were the first gay couple with whom many of the adoption professionals had worked. Now their baby is about to leave for college

“Given That I’m Gay” – Cheerios Brings Us a Bowl Of Happy

Cheerios Two Dads

How could anyone believe this little girl isn’t lucky to have these two for Dads?

“You Don’t Tell Your Friends You Have Two Dads?!”


Writer Ian Colvin was shocked at the answer his son gave to the simple question, “Do you tell your friends you have two dads?” and then he found out the reason why.

The 7 Queerest Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Gay Dad

091714 7QQ top image

Brent Almond always imagined himself as a father, but he never imagined being asked questions quite like these.

When Gay Dads Divorce


Many gay men never thought they would see the day they could marry and have children. Gays With Kids writer David Toussaint tells the story of some who also never thought they would end up divorced raising kids alone.

One Man’s Hilarious Journey to Become a Mommy Man

One Man’s Hilarious Journey to Become a Mommy Man

Jerry Mahoney’s new memoir about becoming a dad through surrogacy is a laugh-out-loud funny, insanely perceptive look about what it really takes to build a family.

Picture Perfect: Gay Dads Still Fighting Racism and Homophobia

kaleb kordale video memoir with insert

Months ago, when Kaleb and Kordale posted a selfie of themselves doing their daughters’ hair, they had no idea what was coming.

With or Without Wings: A Gay Dad’s Journey into the Feminine Hygiene Aisle

feminine hygiene  Quinn Dombrowski

Igael Gurin- Malous thought he was ready for anything. And then his 11-year-old daughter came home with some news.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gay People, By a Gay Person

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gay People, By a Gay Person

Chances are, straight parents, one day, your kids will ask you about gay people. Jerry Mahoney has some advice…