A Gay Dad’s Requiem on the Legacy of Fred Phelps

pride flags huntsville al parad

Rob Watson considers the effects that Fred Phelps and his church have had on the gay rights movement.

One Year Later: Waiting on Our Child

Just waiting for a child...

Jason Holling of Next Family and his partner are ready to be dads. Now, they are just waiting for that child.

Meet the Teen Diving Champ With Two Dads

teen diving champ 2

“When people ask me what it is like to be straight and to have gay parents, I tell them ‘It’s great!’”

Just a Couple of Gay Dads at Disney World

Just a Couple of Gay Dads at Disney World

Jerry Mahoney wasn’t sure if his two-dad family would be welcome at the “happiest place on Earth.” He was pleasantly surprised.

Chevy Introduces “The New Us” with LGBT-Inclusive Commercials

Two dads, two kids, just another family.

Chevrolet is one of the advertisers bringing LGBT families into mainstream commercials.

Two Dads, Two Daughters, Why the Hate?

Kordale, Kaleb, and their daughters. Child #3 not pictured.

Meet the gay black fathers who outraged the internet with their “typical family morning”.

In Our Gay Family, Two Little Best Friends Became Brothers

Best friends, best brothers.

Rob Watson and his partner planned to raise a boy and a girl. You know what they say about plans…

“It’s not babysitting or duty when it’s your child. It’s parenting…Dad’s are important parents.”

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Tweet This Comment by Erika on the post The Funniest Things Strangers Said to Us After We Adopted Our Dude Not gay, but I have a husband who is a Daddy to his children. We work schedules so that the children didn’t need day care when little. Yes, we have “Daddy Days” in our house […]

This One Thing Will Be the Financial Ruin of Us

We have three pacifiers. For now.

Garon Wade has one word for you. Pacifiers.

Raising Our Man to Be a Man

What did you just say?!

To Garon and Jamie, equality is important, and they’re gonna make sure their little dude knows that.

To the Man Who Has Refused to Eat Due to Utah Same Sex Marriages: Why Your Behavior Concerns Me

Don't starve; join us for a pizza instead.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to One Protestor

Sorry Little Dude, But Your Dads Are Still Confused

Buddy, we need to have a talk.

Garon Wade and his husband are getting used to this dad thing, but some stuff still makes them go ‘Huh?’

The Funniest Things Strangers Said to Us After We Adopted Our Dude

Me and our dude.

Garon Wade and his husband Jamie were prepared for their son in 2012. They were not prepared for what strangers had to say.

When Dads Cheat


Never open your mouth during a Flour War. And never, ever, cheat at Capture the Flag. William Lucas Walker learns some hard lessons at father-son camp.

Dads and Bras


William Lucas Walker goes bra shopping for his daughter. Hilarity ensues.

I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man

gay masculinity, gay manhood, gay dads project, male pride, confidence, men's friendships, gay coming of age

A lifetime of homophobia had beaten down Larry Best, but with the help of a friend, he has regained pride in his manhood.