Dad Sunday Cartoon Takes on the “Baby Sitting” Comment !

GMP babysitting trailer

It is meant as a compliment, but Boys in the Burbs have a slightly different reaction to being told they baby sit well.

Dad Cartoon of the Week Takes On Amazon Moms!

GMP amazon trailer

A key program at for new parents is called “Amazon Moms.” Many Stay at Home Dads would like the company to end its gender bias. Boys in the Burbs raise their voices here.

Dad Sunday Cartoon!

GMP Not So Cool Cartoon trailer

How cool are you dad?

Dad Cartoon of the Week!

GMP no more tv trailer

Guess what goes off at bedtime in the Boys in the Burbs home !

A Gay Dad Confesses: “I Have an Irrational Fear of Drag Queens”


Many of us have irrational fears, and this gay dad does too — drag queens. Here’s what happened when he found out his 14-year old was becoming a fan of them.

How Mother’s Day Went Down in a Home With Two Dads and No Moms


Yesterday was Mother’s Day with two dads who get the question a lot: “Which one of you is the mom?” Here’s how it all went down.

Dad Cartoon Celebrates the Day of Mothering!

mothersday trailer gmp

It is “Mothers Day” in the Boys in the Burbs home !

A Mother’s Day Card to Dads Who Mother


For some our parenting holidays fall squarely into a two isolated gender philosophy based on physical characteristics. Here is a tribute to all who provide nurture and mothering to their families.

Dad’s Work and Cartoon of the Week!

gmp going to work trailer

Boys in the Burbs go to work! TGIF!

Why This Gay Dad Took His Husband’s Surname


Gay dad Ian Colvin reveals why he dropped his own last name and took on his husband’s when they started a family. And what incredible thing he received in return.

Artistic Dads Have Found Their Voices in the Dads and Families Section


And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles. Together, we are raising the bar as to what it takes to be a father.

Coming Out When You’re a Conservative


The LGBT community is seen at odds with conservative thinking, yet there are many gay men who come from conservative backgrounds.

Dad Cartoon of the Week- When a Child’s Sleep Precious Escapes!

sleepy bunny escape trailer.1 gmp

In the Boys in the Burbs home, baby boy needs his bunny to go to sleep. Sometimes bunny has other ideas.

A Dad’s Open Note to All the Friends He No Longer Sees


Sean and his spouse used to be quite social. Then they adopted kids and don’t want to squander a single moment. Here is why they hope you’ll understand.

A New Dad Hits a Bump in the Road to Happily-Ever-After Family: He May be Doing It Without His Mom


The joyful path to fatherhood was shaping up for Anthony Romeo. Adoption plans were under way. Then he got the call from the one person he thought he could count on forever. “It’s cancer.”

The Dad Sunday “Funny Papers”: Ordering the Special

green eggs trailer GMP

It appears that the young son of the Boys in the Burbs has a breakfast special that is always on the menu.