Bigotry & Repression in “Religious” Guise

Kim Davis has yet to satisfactorily answer what kind of good does withholding a marriage license and the dream of a life together for a same-sex couple produce?

How the Internet Made us Gay

Where would we be without social media?

Meet the Dad Who Fought to be One of Florida’s First Gay Adoptive Parents and Won!

Becoming a dad was not easy for Robert Lamarche. To do it, he had to fight the state and gain recognition for himself and want-to-be dads like him. Here is an interview with him, and his story.

What Happens When Children From Same Sex Parent Homes Speak Out

Anti-gay conservatives often refer to children raised by same sex parents as “social experiments.” They are not experiments; they are human beings, and human beings with voices. Here is what those voices say.

Testing Your Partner At A Play About Relationships

Dennis Milam Bensie’s combined experience in theatre and dating demonstrate how conflicting views on relationship presentation may be detrimental to the relationship.

Rhode Island Becomes 10th State in the US to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

After 16-years of trying, advocates for same-sex marriage have finally won in the heavily Roman Catholic state of Rhode Island.

How the Internet Ruined Outrage

Jeremy Feist insists that progress comes not from screaming into the Internet echo chamber, but rather through open and vulnerable dialogue.

Biting Bad Apples: The Truth About the “Ex-Gay” Movement

The conversion therapy business may be more about making money than setting you straight.

My Uncle Didn’t Get AIDS Because He Was Gay

Kathryn DeHoyos shares the most important thing she ever learned about sex.

Tolerating Intolerance

HeatherN reflects upon a time when she chose to back into the closet.

LGBT Groups Are Approaching Gay Curricula the Wrong Way

The gay rights movement should be taught because of its historical value, period.