Mormon Church Loses 1 Million Members Over Gay Marriage

The Mormon Church is bleeding members over gay marriage. Fred Karger explains why that is important.

Kim Davis, Would You Mind Terribly Just Going Away?

Did Davis collect marriage licenses issued to gay couples during her jail hitch and issue new ones that removed all mention of the Rowan County clerk’s office and its staff? If true, the charge could land Davis back in the federal court.

That “Old Time Religion” Isn’t As Old As You Think

Fundamentalist Christianity is a relatively new version of an old religion with an American twist.

An Open Letter to the “Morning Joe” Team on Mike Huckabee

Warren Blumenfeld wishes the “Morning Joe” team would’ve asked these questions to former governor Mike Huckabee.

Kim Davis and the Challenges of Civil Disobedience

Ariel Gordon discusses how you can be pro-gay rights and still question the ethics of Kim Davis’ civil disobedience.

Bigotry & Repression in “Religious” Guise

Kim Davis has yet to satisfactorily answer what kind of good does withholding a marriage license and the dream of a life together for a same-sex couple produce?

I Have a Daughter. . .and a Daughter-in-Law. . . They’re Both Married. . . To Each Other

Merv Kaufman finds life as a dad in the 21st century different than he imagined. And, boy, is he happy about it.

5 Easy Steps to Staying Married Forever

Marriage is the greatest of all human experiments—so is there anything to learn about staying together in a disposable age? Jeremy McKeen explores the vows we take and what that means for humanity writ large.  — Some of you should not be married. You know who you are, possibly. It’s hard to tell unless you […]

Marriage? Yes. The End of the Fight? No

Just because same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean the fight for equality is over. Not by a long shot.

My Christianity and Gay Marriage

I don’t care if gays get married or not. I care if we can look indiscriminately with eyes of love on everyone.

The Constitutional Right to Dignity: From Gay Marriage to #BlackLivesMatter

The Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges has a potential huge impact on racial justice and equal dignity for other marginalized groups.

What Is Good? Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

There’s bad news. There’s good news. And then there’s the kind of conversation we have here on The Good Men Project.

I Support Marriage Equality AND Religious Freedom

Shanna Anderson believes there is room for religion AND equal rights.

The Heterosexual Couple That Waited 6 Years to Marry

Jordan & Roxy, a heterosexual couple committed to a life together, refused to marry until all couples in the USA could. They only had to wait 6 years. Here is their inspiring story.

A Monument to Marriage Equality

Let us celebrate the uncommon valor of those who battled to make marriage equality the law of the land.

Dear Homosexual America, I’m Sorry.

Caitlin Ebeling wants everyone to know that not all Christians are as the media currently depicts them.