Dear Mississippi,

Ed Madden gives a powerful reading of his poem written in response to Mississippi’s HB 1523–an anti-gay, anti-trans “religious freedom” law which, oddly enough, names poetry as a specific good or service that can be denied.

Because Marriage Has Been Defined, Doesn’t Mean it Can’t be Redefined

It wouldn’t be the first time our definition of marriage changed.

Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan

Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers.

Many Oppose Gay Marriage Because Of All The Wild Gay Sex They Can’t Stop Picturing, UCLA Study Finds

Why are straight people always picturing gay couples having sex?

Christian Student Expelled From University After Opposing Gay Marriage On Facebook

What is a matter of opinion and what is a conflict of interest/human rights issue?

The Case for Human Rights Over Religious Freedoms

Religion takes center stage in this presidential election as human rights hang in the balance. We’ve been here before.

Together, But at What Price? Anglican Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage Marginalises US Church

After painful negotiations, leaders of the Anglican church have decided to “walk together” in spite of having deep differences on the subject of marriage.

Dreaming of Adoption

As they start their journey towards adoption, Brad and Justin tell us their story.

How Our Differences Make Us Whole

Peace on earth or peace in your relationship, both require an appreciation for our differences.

The Perks Of Being An Older Gay Dad

One dad reflects on how his age is a big strength in his role as a father.

The First 4 Surprises of Parenting

Becoming a parent for the first time comes with it’s share of surprises. Here are 4 that stand out.

“Dad, What Do I Call Jason?”

One man’s journey bringing a new father figure into his kid’s life.

Gay Man Files A Lawsuit for Same-Sex Marriage in China

His claim is that the terms “husband” and “wife” are gender roles and therefore do not limit marriage based on biological sex.

Ellen Juxtaposes Same Sex Married Couples With the Marriage Values of the Bachelor

So many neigh sayers disregard the marriage values of LGBT couples. Ellen shares a video of some such couples with the couples of The Bachelor. The contrast is striking.

13 GLBTQ Stories You Won’t Find in Mainstream Headlines

There were a lot of GLBTQ-themed stories in the news in 2015. Here are 10 that were featured on the Good Men Project that you probably didn’t see in mainstream media, but you should have.

Straight Talk for Gay Men

Yes, gay marriage is now legal. But this is hardly the time to be resting on our laurels.