Days of Our Lives Star Guy Wilson Felt Privileged to Be Part of Gay Male Wedding

days of our lives guy wilson

Greg Hernandez reports that the actor has only been a part of the cast since January, but already he is a part of daytime television history.

Maybe the Court Winning Streak for Marriage Equality Will Remain Unbroken After All


Thursday was round two in the 10th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals for challenges to rulings striking down marriage equality bans.

Tiny Country’s Marriage Equality Bill Is A Big Big Deal

rainbow-Hartwig HKD-Flickr

Europe is getting ready to take a small step towards equality. Really, really, really small. More like inching a little toe forward just a tiny bit. But hey, it’s still progress!

The New Rules of Tolerance: You Can Hate, But You Can’t Lead

The New Rules of Tolerance by Sonny Black

Understanding that the law treats corporations as people puts Brendan Eich’s ouster from Mozilla in perspective: It’s not personal—it’s just business.

Same-Sex Marriage: Once More Down the Aisle, But Now is the Time to Celebrate


BREAKING: Same-sex marriage is now legal in England and Wales.

Michigan’s Gay Marriage Ban Back in Place

michigan-gay-marriage-jake may-ap

A lot has changed since last Friday, and new developments are expected to continue over the next few days.

First Gay Wedding to Take Place in UK this Weekend

Marriage Equality, gender neutral, marriage

One of the first couples to be married will be John Coffey and Bernardo Marti. The wedding will take place in the Mayfair Library in Westminster, London, at midnight.

So, We’re Engaged…Again.


Brent Almond celebrates two very different proposals and one very loving marriage.

Methodists Decide it’s a Bad Idea to Try a Minister for Presiding at His Gay Son’s Wedding


“I actually wasn’t thinking of this as an act of civil disobedience or church disobedience,” Ogletree said. “I was thinking of it as a response to my son.”

How a Gay Grandparent will Lovingly Raise Black Boys

These could be our boys.

Anthony Carter feels his biggest challenge will be protecting their innocence and encouraging others to believe that black children have innocence and it is worth protecting.

Obama, Biden, and the Marriage (r)Evolution

variety of men

Seth Thomas looks at society’s increased acceptance of same-sex marriage, and the larger realization of the complexity of men.

A Tale of Two Realities: LGBTQ Rights and the International Community

gay rights

Tony Bucci on the real and serious contradictions the LGBTQ community face every day.

Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional


According to Judge Orlando Garcia the state’s marriage laws deny same-sex couples the right to marry, and therefore “demean their dignity for no legitimate reason.”

Since DOMA Decision, 5 Federal Courts Sided With Marriage Equality—0 Sided With Discrimination

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So far, federal courts are unanimous in favor of equality for same-sex couples.

Inching Closer Towards Equality

Marriage Equality. Equal.

Attorney General Eric Holder is moving same-sex couples one step closer towards marriage equality.

I Just Want to Hold His Hand

Santa doesn't care. But people do.

The headlines are about marriage equality. The big changes. The historic victories. JJ Vincent just wants to hold his partner’s hand.