Struggling with “Twink” Envy

twink envy  Guillaume Paumier

As a young gay man, Glenn Garner struggled with the unrealistic body ideals that pop culture, gay and straight, said were “right”for guys like him.

Dear White Gay Men: You Don’t Get a ‘Race Card’ For Being Gay

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As gay men with white privilege, we want to explain to you how oppressive and embarrassing you are.

The Path of Acceptance vs. The Path of Rejection

im from driftwood - eric thomas

Eric Thomas talks about the impact of rejection or acceptance on gay teenaged boys.

Quiz: Which Of These Guys Are Gay?

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.52.51 AM

Justin Hubbell wonders why, when he draws a male character, people automatically assume that guy is straight…

An Open Letter to Gay Guys Who Look Down On “Fem Guys”


We should be united, but instead we’re worried about how someone else who’s going through the same struggles as any gay man might make us be perceived by others.

Two Men are Kissing in a Restaurant: What Would You Do? [Video]

wwyd-gay men

Two men are kissing in a restaurant. What would you do if you saw this? What if a patron started harassing them? What then?

5 Misconceptions Gay Boys Have About Other Gay Boys


Josh van Sant wants to clear up a few things that young gay men are thinking about each other.

How Punk Music and Feminism Changed My Life [Video]


Rudy Garcia was expected to become a doctor or a lawyer, but found his early calling in punk rock and new wave music.

How to Be Gay in College


Advice on navigating college from a guy who’s there. Now.

Boys in Chairs: What’s Love Got To Do With It?


After receiving a surprise response to a story he wrote, Andrew Morrison-Gurza examines an unexpected double standard.

His Clothes Aren’t In the Closet, and Neither is He

Saeed Jones. Memphis, TN

Saeed Jones remembers coming out to his mom in Memphis, TN.

The Man Saw Tears on the Boy’s Face


How had they known his secret? Why did they suddenly hate him? Why was he different?

The 12 Most Baffling Things Gay Men Do, Besides Vote Republican

The Most Baffling Things Gay Men Do photo by istolethetv

David Toussaint seeks to understand why his his fellow gay men would be swayed by trends such as “straight-acting”, over-plucking their eyebrows and going on hookup sites but stating they are “not looking”.

Eww! And the Gay Kiss

men kissing photo by gazeronly

Gregory McVey-Russel is longing for the day when Ewww! is banished for good as a reaction to two men kissing.

Call for Submissions: What Do You Want to Talk About?

write for us

We’re looking for stories from gay, bisexual, and trans* men about the things that interest you that you’d like to talk about.

How My Partner’s Transition Gave Me a Schlubby Ape-Man Complex

What does she see?

When Jason Rozek’s partner began to transition genders, he become acutely aware of things he might never have considered before.