A Dad’s Coming Out—Seen Through His Eyes and His Daughter’s

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8 Things Gay Dads Don’t Want to Hear

There are eight comments and questions that Henry Amador-Batten gets as a gay dad that drive him crazy. Here is why.

Children of Same-Sex Parents Healthier and More Adjusted Than Their Peers, Says New Study

One advantage researchers suggest is gay parents’ likelihood to stray from traditional gender role stereotypes, fostering a “more harmonious family unit and therefore feeding on to better health and well being.”

One Man’s Hilarious Journey to Become a Mommy Man

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My Gay Dad, My Queer Family, Happily Ever After

The only hardships of growing up with a gay dad came from society, not from my wonderfully queer home.

Italy is the Only Country in the World That Russia Will Allow to Adopt Russian Children

Due to restrictions against same-sex couples, Italy is the only country in the world that can adopt children from Russia.

In Vitro Now Legal for Same-Sex Couples in Brazil

Brazil’s high court is guaranteeing homosexual couples right to access assisted fertilization.

Bad Marriage? Make Baby: Book Review of The Paternity Test

Gay couple avoids the demons in their marriage with a surrogate from another crumbling marriage in Michael Lowenthal’s novel

Brokeback Bethlehem

When you’re a parent, a Christmas miracle isn’t something you pray for—it’s something you pray you never need.

The Gay Dad Project Letters: Jared’s Response to Erin

When you’re a teenager and your father comes out as gay, you can end up feeling like there’s no one you can tell. Erin and Jared exchange letters about their experiences as the children of gay men.

It Takes More Than Sperm to Make a Father

An adopted child says biology is irrelevant when it comes to fatherhood.