Facing Discrimination in a Hospital For Being Gay? Still Happens.

In the late 1980’s, Doug took his boyfriend, suffering from AIDS-related dementia, to the hospital. He was escorted out by security.

Who is The Pink Marine?

A conversation with Dave Brown and Greg Cope White about The Pink Marine

Popes and Presidents

Patrick Paglen discusses the latest controversy over Pope Francis.

The Stonewall Inn Riots (Trans)formed a Movement

What were then called “transvestites” or “crossdressers” were on the front lines, as an advanced guard, of the revolution that (trans)formed a movement.

You’re Still Fighting This? Dude, Get Over It

What would you do if you were stuck in a room full of people who don’t know you but hate you anyway?

Understanding (and Misunderstanding) Gay Rights

Matthew Rozsa deconstructs the dangerous logic being used by the anti-gay rights movement in America today. — Over the last week or so, there has been a growing problem with the logic of the anti-gay rights movement. Let’s see if this article from the right-wing blog InfoWars about Vester Lee Flanagan, the African-American gay man who shot two reporters […]

My Christianity and Gay Marriage

I don’t care if gays get married or not. I care if we can look indiscriminately with eyes of love on everyone.

2 Ways Homophobes Will Cope with Post-Obergefell America

What can we expect from anti-LGBT activists in post-Obergefell America?

You Don’t Have to Like #MarriageEquality to See That It’s Right

Matt Rozsa dismisses the top three arguments against #MarriageEquality so everyone can embrace the change.

Why the Legalization of Gay Marriage is a Gift for All Our Sons

Generations of boys have been forced to suppress their authentic emotional selves because of the fear of being kicked out of the man club and called a queer.

#LoveWins on #MarriageEquality Because of One Brave Man: Justice Anthony Kennedy

The four liberal judges on the Supreme Court were expected to support marriage equality, but the fifth is going to take a lot of flak for it. A doff of the hat to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

5 Ways to Educate Yourself on the LGBTQ Community

June is LGBTQ Pride Month. Here are ways you can enhance your appreciation for the human rights journey unfolding around us.

Rainbows on the Field: Australian Footballers Combating Homophobia

Homophobia remains a real concern in sports, but attitudes on the field toward LGBT athletes are slowly changing. David Saunders reports that leadership on this issue is coming from unexpected places – including outer suburban football in Australia.

I’m Not Gay, But I’d Be Proud If You Thought I Was

Helping out at the Gay Games taught Ty Phillips that we all have heavy lifting to do when it comes to gay rights.

Corporate Hostility to ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Shows Vital Role of Business Pushing Social Issues

The corporate backlash shouldn’t be a surprise. Companies have increasingly played a more active role on social issues.

#62: A Brave Teen Comes Out to His Grandmother

“Grandma, I’m a good person and always try to do the right thing. How can you tell your own grandson that he is demonic?” I said. “Well,” she said, “the truth hurts.”