How Sally Field Feels About Having a Gay Son

Sally Field lets her son know she likes him. She really,really likes him.

The Hillary Clinton Same Sex Marriage Conundrum

Clinton has been a solid and effective statesperson. She gets things done. Her efforts to stop anti-gay forces were pragmatic, however, not visionary. Will that pragmatism come back to hurt her in the new sound-bite media world?

Iran, Assassinations, and Hypocrisy

Iran’s attempt at moral condemnation is a hard pill to swallow when they themselves have a wealth of human rights violations.

How Braedon Proposed to Ryan

Some gay men plan their proposals more than they do their weddings. Here is how one man did it with a song, a very special song.

13 GLBTQ Stories You Won’t Find in Mainstream Headlines

There were a lot of GLBTQ-themed stories in the news in 2015. Here are 10 that were featured on the Good Men Project that you probably didn’t see in mainstream media, but you should have.

What Does The Fight for LGBT Rights Look Like in 2016?

Legalizing same sex marriage didn’t make acceptance easier for many in the LGBT community. There is much more work to do.

Gay Widowers in Florida Seek Accurate Death Certificates for Deceased Spouses

Many of those gay widowers mourning the loss of their spouse are forced to confront discrimination even in death.

My First Same Sex Marriage

It hit me that new generations of gay people will reach adulthood at a very different place in the continuum of opportunities—one that took me fifty years to reach.

Ted Cruz Has Somehow Scored Another Frightening Antigay Endorsement

Republicans are taking an unusually harsh stance on human rights this election season, and the latest endorsements of Ted Cruz show no improvement.

Facing Discrimination in a Hospital For Being Gay? Still Happens.

In the late 1980’s, Doug took his boyfriend, suffering from AIDS-related dementia, to the hospital. He was escorted out by security.

Who is The Pink Marine?

A conversation with Dave Brown and Greg Cope White about The Pink Marine

Popes and Presidents

Patrick Paglen discusses the latest controversy over Pope Francis.

The Stonewall Inn Riots (Trans)formed a Movement

What were then called “transvestites” or “crossdressers” were on the front lines, as an advanced guard, of the revolution that (trans)formed a movement.

You’re Still Fighting This? Dude, Get Over It

What would you do if you were stuck in a room full of people who don’t know you but hate you anyway?

Understanding (and Misunderstanding) Gay Rights

Matthew Rozsa deconstructs the dangerous logic being used by the anti-gay rights movement in America today. — Over the last week or so, there has been a growing problem with the logic of the anti-gay rights movement. Let’s see if this article from the right-wing blog InfoWars about Vester Lee Flanagan, the African-American gay man who shot two reporters […]

My Christianity and Gay Marriage

I don’t care if gays get married or not. I care if we can look indiscriminately with eyes of love on everyone.