Gay Men Are Losing Our Pizazz, and It’s a Problem… or Something?

San Francisco, setting of the HBO show "Looking".

Adam Hunt responds to an Esquire article complaining that the gays on a new HBO show are not “fun” enough. In other words, good-bye stereotypes.

Brother “Never Heard of Him”

Bayard Rustin at the March on Washington

We celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. JJ Vincent has the story a key leader you’ve probably never heard of.

When Did You Realize You Were Straight?

Got your pencils ready?

JJ Vincent dug up a questionnaire designed to get people thinking – and talking – about this topic in a new way.

I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man

gay masculinity, gay manhood, gay dads project, male pride, confidence, men's friendships, gay coming of age

A lifetime of homophobia had beaten down Larry Best, but with the help of a friend, he has regained pride in his manhood.

Gay Bros: A Unique Online Community for Men Struggling With Stereotypes


On one of the internet’s most popular, and notorious, sites, a new community is bringing together gay men with old-fashioned tastes.

The Gay Look


Being a gay man has everything to do with being a masculine man.

Our Cookie Cutter Culture


Gay stereotypes are alive and well. Can’t we move past them?