Comment of the Day: ‘As a gay man myself …’

This comment was made by Liam on the post “I Never Would Have Guess He’s Gay!” by JJ Vincent.

The True Horror of American Horror Story

Did the once smart American Horror Story become a bloody gay mess?

What Coming Out Taught Me About Myself

Josh Friedburg is proud of his coming out, but also realized he needed to make some changes in his own mind.

Straight Guys Answer “Gay” Questions

There’s a laundry list of questions that seem to be part of almost every LGBT experience. What if we changed them just a little?

People Started Referring to Me as a Monster: A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol

It took some hard lessons for Alexander to realize that he didn’t have to keep living his life by other people’s standards.

I Identify As a Hot Gay Male, and You Need to Respect My Choice

He became a Hot Gay Male and remains a Hot Gay Male, no matter what anyone else says. And everyone has an opinion.

Call for Submissions – Gay, Bi, Trans Like Me

It’s time to talk about the “right” way to be gay, or bi, or trans.

Meet Cassandro, Mexico’s Lucha Libre Drag Queen Superstar

Throw all of your stereotypes about wrestlers, drag queens, and gay men out the window.

Why Positive Stereotypes Aren’t That Positive

Sam Killermann knows that not all stereotypes are negative. But this doesn’t mean that positive stereotypes are good.

Gay Men Are Losing Our Pizazz, and It’s a Problem… or Something?

Adam Hunt responds to an Esquire article complaining that the gays on a new HBO show are not “fun” enough. In other words, good-bye stereotypes.

Brother “Never Heard of Him”

We celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. JJ Vincent has the story a key leader you’ve probably never heard of.

When Did You Realize You Were Straight?

JJ Vincent dug up a questionnaire designed to get people thinking – and talking – about this topic in a new way.

I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man

A lifetime of homophobia had beaten down Larry Best, but with the help of a friend, he has regained pride in his manhood.

Gay Bros: A Unique Online Community for Men Struggling With Stereotypes

On one of the internet’s most popular, and notorious, sites, a new community is bringing together gay men with old-fashioned tastes.

The Gay Look

Being a gay man has everything to do with being a masculine man.

Our Cookie Cutter Culture

Gay stereotypes are alive and well. Can’t we move past them?