I am Grateful My Doctor Made Me Come Out

Sophomore Magazine’s Garrett McDonnell had never been “outed” before, but then his doctor backed him into a corner. Coming out was the right thing to do. Here’s why.

How to Keep Your Kid Alive

Want your child to be happy? Then let them be themselves and don’t ever ask them to hide it.

An Open Letter To The Mormon Church

Christopher Macneil believes the Mormon Church has strayed from a moral path.

There’s No Such Thing As A Gay Soul

The notion that the soul of gay people is somehow different, or special, perpetuates a focus on our differences rather than how we are really the same.

What You can Learn from a Stable, Loving 24 Year Relationship

Not all relationships follow every rule in the rule-book. Does breaking a few rules make long term love easier?

If You Could Be Straight, Would You?

If you could choose to be other than you are, would you?

Alarming Research and The Relatively Young History of Homophobia

Christopher MacNeil on that rather new life of homophobia plaguing our society.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Heterosexuals on National Coming Out Day

It is National Coming Out Day and Rob Watson pens a letter to the Heterosexual and Cis-gendered population. Here is why you need to care about what is happening with your fellow citizens on this day, a day that can or has changed their lives.

It Ain’t No Lie, Baby

Yes, I can be bi and in a monogamous relationship with a woman. No, I am not a unicorn. Daniel Crocker explains.

Princeton Freshman Overcomes Football Slump With Two Simple Words: I’m Gay

Other players have come out later in their careers. Mason Darrow is starting out with a message: “You can be gay and play Division I football.”

A Case for LGBTQ History in Schools

LGBTQ experiences stand as integral strands in the overall multicultural rainbow. Everyone has a right to information that clarifies and explains these histories.

Straight Guys Answer “Gay” Questions

There’s a laundry list of questions that seem to be part of almost every LGBT experience. What if we changed them just a little?

People Started Referring to Me as a Monster: A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol

It took some hard lessons for Alexander to realize that he didn’t have to keep living his life by other people’s standards.

Gay or Straight: 5 Ways Men Struggle With Their Masculinity

Are you with me, brother?

My Father Told Me That Having a Gay Son Made Him a Better Person

I have wondered if as men we never feel “man enough” when we compare ourselves to our fathers. I came out of the closet when I was 18 years old, a freshman in college…

7 Ways To Maintain Your Masculinity When In A Relationship

Owning your masculinity means being sensitive to your inner drives, including your femininity. Are you man enough to face this?