Homo for the Holidays

Joe Kort, Ph.D. offers 9 helpful ways LGBTQ individuals and couples can lessen holiday stress with meaningful impact.

I Am Afraid No One Will Ever Love Me

Dr. Joe Kort answers painful questions from an 18-year-old man seeking the courage to come out and find love.

A Sitcom, Matchmaker, and Two Guys From the Air Force

It was just an ordinary night in America, with two men taking a chance at love.

Why I Am No Longer a Sex-Addiction Therapist

Unconscious prejudices, and societal and religious mores can prove to be harmful.

Asexuals: Not Everyone Likes Sex

If sex without love exists, why can’t love without sex exist? It does, and it can, asserts one man who identifies as asexual.

One Gay Dad has the Answer to Fighting the Battle for Acceptance on the School Board and in the Classroom

What are the fights worth having when you’re battling for credibility as a father just because you happen to be gay? Rob Watson, one of GMP’s lead editors asserts it is all of them.

Will Technology Make Us Gender Neutral?

Is technology really what it will take to make all genders equal?

How I Tamed My Social Anxiety… Through Sex Therapy

Who knows how many great opportunities we’ve missed because we’ve surrendered to our social anxiety. One man shares his unorthodox solution.

I Don’t Have to “be a Man” Anymore! Thank God, Thank Caitlyn!

I don’t have to “be a man” anymore. There, said it.
No gun shots yet?

The Male Gaze: What it’s Like to be Objectified in the Gay Community

As gay men, we need to become increasingly cognizant of how we perceive and treat one another within our own community.

How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies the Millennial Generation’s Courage

The realizations of our own attractions come when people accept others’ ‘unconventional’ sexualities as normal. Open-mindedness is on the rise.

The First Man in a Co-ed Sexual Abuse Group

When Steve and Olive met, it wasn’t love and first sight and definitely wasn’t true romance either

3 Misperceptions About LGBT Kids in Christian Schools

Coming out as LGBT in a conservative Christian family can be difficult, but coming out in a Christian school can be even harder.

Allstate Releases a Devastatingly Beautiful Ad Featuring a Gay Couple (video)

This short film’s tagline will take your breath away. What a gorgeous way to support LGBT equality.

Banning the Term ‘She-Male’ Isn’t About Policing Language, It’s a Show of Respect

Should some terms be off-limits? Tim Jones-Yelvington explains why it matters, as exemplified by the Ru-Paul’s Drag Race controversy.

How Not To Be A Jerk To A Trans Person

Gabe Ramsay explains the basics of how to be respectful to trans people, including to never out people without their permission. Just don’t do it.