What is This Thing We Call the Masculine Man?

Leadership, power, amazing career, and aggressiveness are the parameters on which the “Masculine Man” weighs his importance.

Giving Birth to Gender

We need to stop stereotyping our children.

Your Pocket-Guide Glossary for the Swinger-Open-Poly Life

Cooper S. Beckett’s legit(ish) glossary of all you ever wanted to know about Polyamory, Swinging, and much, much more…

Straight Women & Their Gay Husbands

Can a gay man affirm his identity with other gay men and at the same time remain true to his wife?

The Era of the Co-Gendered Human

Stephen Michell asks us to imagine a world where humans get to experience much more than just 50% of humanity’s awesomeness.

How Not to React to Miley Cyrus on Sexuality and Gender

Carly Puch asks, “Can we have a sensible instead of sensational conversation about Miley Cyrus and gender non-conformity, please?”

My Son in a Dress is not a Political Statement

Chadwick Moyer’s three-year-old son Fallow doesn’t care how revolutionary you think wearing a dress is. The only thing he cares about is being happy.

Male vs Female: Social Construct or Biological Fact?

Siobhán Lynch uses scientific data to explode the myth that human beings only have two possible sexes.

This is Real. Facebook Adds List of New Gender Options

Users asked. Facebook listened. They’ve added a customizable list of terms and pronouns for people to identify their gender.

Why Women Don’t Need Husbands, By a Husband

Tom Burns is happily married to a woman, but he thinks Suzanne Venker’s assertion that women need husbands is complete BS.

Not Better, Not Worse, Just Different: 10 Questions about Gender

JJ Vincent asked a 41-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Binary Arguments and the Judgement of Solomon

Binary arguments are the crack cocaine of human interactions. They are conversation killers and they serve only the interests of those who want to block co-operation and progress.

‘Was the President Wearing Bronzer?’ – Are You Kidding Me?!

Joanna Schroeder comments upon the media’s profound commitment to enforcing the gender binary.

Litterbox Guarding

Questioning someone’s right to be in a public restroom is a form of bullying.

Genderf*kation: A film that asks “why is talking about gender taboo?”

If you have strict ideas of how gender can be expressed, we’d like to know “why do you care?” Why on earth would talking about gender ever be seen as taboo?

Pinterest Is For Girls, Gentlemint Is For Boys

Cameron Conaway thinks gendering our social media only both experiences worse.