Seven Habits of Highly Effective Relationships

Great relationships just don’t happen, they are carefully nurtured…

Comment of the Day: “My teenage sons get a lot more peer reinforcement for coming up with a witty, stinging insult than for giving someone a big hug.”

This comment was by Christine Walker on the post “I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Be a Man, So Show Me”.

Evolving the Masculine: A Man’s Heart

How does being a man relate to having a tender, compassionate heart?

Differences Between Men and Women are More Than the Sum of Their Genes

The difference between men and women lies not in the number of their differing genes, but in what the genes do.

Sleeping with My Mother

If I am ruthlessly honest with myself, about myself, sometimes I find myself in bed with my mother.

Could You be Raising a Misogynist?

As a mom of boys, does your opinion of women shape how your son views women?

Life Lessons for a Slut-Shamed Man

Being Caballero on how Slut Shaming challenges men’s sexual and personal development.

Six Sex Trends From my Zumba Class

Being the only guy in the Zumba class has given Jed Diamond an insight into gender trends.

Can’t Take A Compliment?

“Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. In ANY relationship, they are the applause that refreshes.”
―Steve Goodier

The Secret Life of Women: How Men Can Finally Understand Female Emotions

Lion Goodman discovers the key to understanding how women communicate and how men can speak their language.

Stop, Look, and Listen: 3 Keys to Successful Communication

Steven Lake knows that men and women often communicate differently, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never be able to understand one another.

The Differences Between Men and Women, Part 1: Here Is What I See

In part one of a three part series, Andy Bodle discusses the central differences in the chemistry and physicality of men and women.

Women Seek Help, Men Die: New Findings on Depression and Suicide Will Save Millions of Lives

Although depression is reportedly twice as likely to occur in women, men are more than twice as likely to commit suicide. Jed Diamond’s research into these lopsided figures show how diagnoses of depression are charged with cultural norms of gender.

Why Men Need to Give Women a Break Too

“You’re too emotional. You used to be fun. You’re so jealous.” Most women have heard these labels. Why?

“Please, Professor,” Give Me a B

A professor’s funny song from the 1970s anticipates the problem of young men not doing their best in college.

Don’t Call Me Pretty

Elisabeth Corey is anything but a trinket. And she doesn’t want to be treated like one.