Workplace Discrimination Hurts Men Too

Dreaming of a World Free of Gender Discrimination: Thoughts from a Mama of Boys on Raising Good Men

How do you talk to your children about inequality in the world?

Lobby Hobby — Take THAT, Separation of Church and State!

The Hobby Lobby controversy is still relevant. A production company dropped this funny video recently skewering the arts and crafts chain.

Was Jill Abramson Ousted Because She Wanted Equal Pay?

The New York Times’ decision to fire its executive editor is yet another in a long line of questionable moves regarding gender discrimination.

Demystifying Hijras: One of India’s Most Misunderstood Communities

Ina Goel works to demystify this complex group who are simultaneously revered, sought out, and socially marginalized.

The Reproductive Rights of Trans Men

If a man can become pregnant, is he still a man?

Why Men and Boys Don’t Get What They Need

Men and boys experience inequality but don’t know how to fight it says our International Men’s Movement editor Glen Poole

Teacher Fired For Being “Worse Than Gay”

s.e. smith reports on the case of a New York City teacher who was fired for being transgender.

Bristol University Christian Union Denies Women a Voice

Citing scriptural justification, a university religious organization is being, collectively, a jerk.

“When we accept discrimination on the basis of one gender, we accept all gender discrimination.”

This is a comment by Random_Stranger on the post “Virgin Airlines: Men Can’t Sit Near Unaccompanied Minors”.

BOOOO! Boys Baseball Team Forfeits Rather Than Play Against A Girl

Jamie Reidy boos an Arizona high school baseball team that forfeited a championship game rather play against a girl.