The Future of Men: an Interview with Jack Myers

Jack Myers is deeply concerned about the future of men. Here’s why.

If Men and Women Fight over Gender Equality, Who Wins and Who Loses?

Framing the debate as a “Battle of the Sexes” is a mistake.

When It Comes To Work-Life Balance, It’s Hard to Know What Dads Really Want

When it comes to gender equality, there are still very formidable obstacles on how men and women conceptualize work0life integration differently.

Should You Treat Women as Flowers or Warriors?

Sometimes gender equality can be complex

Lessons from South Africa on Why Gender Matters in Social Welfare Policies

For social protection to be transformative, it needs to be gender transformative, and move beyond fulfilling women’s rights and working for one-dimensional notions of equality.

The Day I Got Death Threats For Asking Men To Stand Up To Sexism

10 years ago – almost to the day – I got a phone call from CNN. Later that day, I got death threats for what I said.

How to Promote Gender Equality in Your Home

When children have unequal rights in their homes, they project the same divided culture in the outside world.

Dads Doing Both: Helpful Hints for the Man Who Wants to Win at Home and Work

Ray Arata shares tips on how men can support women at home and work. This post is from, a partner in the Better Man Conference where the Good Men Project community has special access and ticket prices (see the bottom of the article). ♦◊♦ When I got married for the first time, nobody offered me […]

The Old Patriarchal Model Of Leadership Is Fast Becoming Extinct

Both men and women need gender partnership because it makes sense on so many fronts.

28 Trillion Reasons Why Gender Equality Should Be Our Top Priority

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, advancing the cause of gender equality could add $28 trillion (that’s $28,000,000,000) to the global annual GDP by 2025. That’s another 9 U.S. sized economies.

HeForShe: Why Men Should Stand up for Women on International Women’s Day and Every Day

Gender equality isn’t just a women’s right, it’s a human right.

To Women Who Don’t Need Feminism, These MEN Want It For Themselves

Hey, women against feminism: You know who needs gender equality? Men.

Here We Are Together: The All Gender Restroom

Mariah McCarthy found this sign in the San Diego Airport. To her, it’s “Bathroom Progress” and a sign of things to come. Mariah McCarthy found this sign in the San Diego Airport. To her, it’s “Bathroom Progress” and a sign of things to come. What do you think?

That’s What He Said: Women

Can men understand what women experience when they get objectified? These men can.

Have Kim Davis & Co. Played Their Folding Hand?

Davis’ refusal to adhere to federal law could ultimately remove her from office. If she is deemed a public relations embarrassment, too it may be enough to begin the impeachment process sooner.

Reparative Therapy is Bad Medicine, Even if it ‘Works’

No data exists on whether reparative therapy for gender dysphoria works. One doctor, in a frightening supposition, believes we should try it on transgender people.