Inside the Conversation: “Meninism”

Inside meninism by BuzzFeed

A look inside the place where the conversation no one else is having happens.

To The Mom Who Thinks Feminism is Hurting Her Boys: You’re Wrong


Personally, I don’t give a damn about the label of feminism. It’s one that I rarely use myself. What I DO care deeply about is the perpetuation of gendered nonsense.

Wednesday Reader Tweets of the Day


See what people are sharing about @goodmenproject on Twitter!

He for She—Inviting Men to Address Gender Equality


Christian Lyons discusses the reasons for HeForShe and the conversations about gender equality that need to continue.

Dear Young Men: I Wish Someone Had Told Me These Things


David Cain eventually learned that being a man isn’t what he was taught. Now he wants to spare young men the suffering he endured and forge a new concept of manhood.

An Open Letter to All Men and Women about Gender Equality

gender signs

Is our focus really on gender equality? Or tipping the balance in the direction we desire?

When You Say ‘I Don’t Believe In Feminism, Just Gender Equality…’


You say one thing. But what we hear is something else entirely.

3 Reasons Why Guys Should Still Be Paying For Dates

Young Couple In Restaurant

Jordan Gray believes in equality for men and women, but refuses to budge on the ‘who should pay on a first date’ issue.

I’m an Advocate, Not an Ally — How Emma Watson is Empowering Male Feminists

feminist man

How our failure to achieve gender equality affects both men and women. And what we can do about it.

Women—To Move Equality Forward, Please Work With, Not Against Men

Women---The Equality Agenda by rochelle hartman

Thomas Fiffer asks for a new, label-free language to resolve the gender equality deadlock.

Fighting Evil to Equal Rights, Emma Watson is an Exceptional Muggle!

Emma Watson

From fighting Lord Voldemort and his evil followers to championing equal human rights for women, girls, men and boys, Emma Watson has joined a critical fight, and not a moment too soon.

Nobody Gets To Tell My Sons What It Means To Be A Man

boy in a box

How does one family create three boys who express their masculinity so differently?

Stop Saying ‘Happy Women’s Day”: Three Concrete Actions to Promote Gender Equality

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was this past Saturday. Sebastian Molano has three great tips for the other 364 days in the year.

” Equality is the goal, not men bullied into submission.”


This comment by M Crisp on the post Patriarchy is Alive and Well Today as We Celebrate International Women’s Day

Patriarchy is Alive and Well Today as We Celebrate International Women’s Day


While we should certainly celebrate the historic and courageous ways in which women have gained a more equal footing, let us not forget that there’s still an awful lot of work to be done.

Gender Neutral Civility? Just Another Excuse.


As long as we think that gender equality comes from not recognizing gender, things will never change.