Guys, Is This Really What You Expect of Women?

how to be the perfect woman

It’s funny because it’s sadly true. But are women any easier on men?!

Fatherhood and Boys in Tights

super heroes588350

Find out why Geoff Cochran is okay his sons blurring traditional gender lines by wearing finger nail polish and tights.

What Women Get Wrong About Men

pantene ad

Orin J. Hahn has a simple message for women about men, we feel too.

About Those Expectations: 10 Questions About Gender

Peter, 50, Virginia

JJ Vincent asked a 50-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Men Don’t Cry, Do They?


Teaching boys that “boys don’t cry” can cripple them as men, but under the right tutelage even this questionable lesson is valuable in the right context.

What Is a “Macho” Man?


The word “macho” stirs up all kinds of emotions, but what does it truly mean?

Pink: One Dad’s Journey from Denial to Acceptance

pink is cool

Kyle Wiley considers himself a modern dad, yet he still has hang ups from the more male chauvinistic era

“Men need to modernize more and yet be more like they were before. Clear as mud?”


These are comments by wellokaythen and Joe on the post “Breaking News from Fox columnist: Women aren’t Women Anymore”.

Do You Really Have to Split the Housework in Half?


Studies correlate traditional gender roles with greater domestic harmony.

“Men should act as if the woman’s consent does not matter—but only if you consent to it.”


This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “Me Jane, You Tarzan: The Politics of Sexual Polarity”.

“She asked, ‘How can you do this to this poor child?’ and pleaded frantically with me to get in her car.”


This is a comment by Bob on the post “Call Me a Good Dad and I’ll Spray You with the Hose”.

“You’d be accused of misogyny for suggesting that men don’t need women.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the Comment of the Day: “I wondered why rejection never triggers the self doubt in my female friends as it does my male friends.”

“Why would a little girl need a pink fishing rod to like fishing? Haven’t we forced enough on our girls?”


This is a comment by Ric E on the post “Our words influence the way we look at the world. For example: calling pink a ‘girly’ color.”

“People tend to assume men do not yearn, do not carry that boundless love that is all powerful.”


This is a comment by jemima101 on the post “A Single Man’s Adoption Story”.

Sexism Against Men: A Pictoral Tour

Hat tip to This Is Hysteria and Sociological Images. Warning, lotsa pictures after the cut, people with crappy computers beware.