Gender Issue

Diane Lockward explores one man’s desire to transcend gender boundaries.

The Day My Cat Went from a “She” to a “He”

After being told that his long-time pet was a he, NOT a she, Adam Roberts’ perception of gender was turned upside down.

On Gender as a Verb

John Trotten discusses how gender is part of our search for authenticity.

A Father Speaks on Her Gender Transition

Author, professor, and parent Joy Ladin speaks on her transition from male to female and how it has made her think about what it really means to be “a woman.”

Here We Are Together: The All Gender Restroom

Mariah McCarthy found this sign in the San Diego Airport. To her, it’s “Bathroom Progress” and a sign of things to come. Mariah McCarthy found this sign in the San Diego Airport. To her, it’s “Bathroom Progress” and a sign of things to come. What do you think?

Beyond Gender: LGBTIQ Abuse Shows It’s Time To Shift The Debate On Partner Violence

Violence plays out in highly gendered ways. But many more factors are at play.

We Quarrel Over Names Because We Want to Feel Valued

It’s not political correctness gone wrong or an attack on freedom of speech. It’s a call-to-action to empower those on the margins to have an equal role in authoring our National and global story.

Bravery Is As Simple As Being Yourself

Living an authentic life takes courage—which makes Caitlyn Jenner … brave.

A Prom to De-Gender

This is what happens when 6 young people stop following the rules and start being real.

How Bruce Jenner’s Story Allowed Me To Finally See My Own

In a society where gender identity is black and white, Bruce Jenner helped me define my gray.

Tomboys Are Cool But Sissies Are Not. Now What Is That?

Why can’t we all get on the same page with the evolution of gender identity?

How Gender Roles Shape the Modern Teenager

With the evolution of gender rolls in our society, how are the teen-aged youth handling the change?

Cruel & Tyrannical Christian “Conversion Therapies”

We always fear what we don’t understand. They took their fear too far, and claimed God was on their side.

Empathy Leads to Understanding

Understanding is not a prerequisite for empathy. Empathy is a prerequisite for understanding.

Real Men Smell like Anarchy, Not Strawberries

At what point in our development as men did we collectively decide that it was considered too feminine to smell like a flower, or a fruit, or a vegetable?

Finally College Centers Meeting Needs of Underserved Students

Imagine this: Today is your first day at college.