Is Game of Thrones Sexist?

Sexism in Game of Thrones does not rely on humour to make it palatable, nor is it hidden under a veil of nostalgia.

I Did Not Know What I Did Not Know

I do have a little sympathy for successful, straight, white American males. No matter how hard they try, they will never understand how much the world is tilted in their favor.

Can IQ Tests Make Misogynists’ Dreams Come True?

The conservative website Breitbart is arguing that women are objectively less intelligent than men. Should we take them seriously?

What Does Being a Man Mean to You?

Sincere Kirabo is still learning what it means to be man … and we can learn a lot from him.

Discarding the Labels and Embracing the Gray

Imagine being a person whose label and legal status change based on where you are, and may or may not match how you identify yourself.

Dreaming of a World Free of Gender Discrimination: Thoughts from a Mama of Boys on Raising Good Men

How do you talk to your children about inequality in the world?

It’s Not Okay to Be Afraid of a Word: This Father Will Not #BanBossy

Dad blogger Joel Gratcyk disagrees with Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign, arguing that censoring a word does nothing to address the inherent problems the word is masking.

Why One Father Supports Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” Campaign and Thinks You Should Too

The #BanBossy movement has sharply divided the opinions of fathers online, but Scott Behson believes that the campaign isn’t really about banning words—it’s about standing up for women

‘Put Your Hands Up, and Step Away From the … Child?’

“Essentially, if a student gave me a hug, I was supposed to act like I was getting arrested. If that’s not a disgusting assumption of male guilt, I’m not sure what is.”

When Marriage Isn’t for Her

Can we get past the stereotype that marriage is about subverting all your dreams and desires?

Is It Better to Be a Guy or a Girl?

Coke v. Pepsi, Ford v. Chevy—we all have our favorites. So which is better: being a guy, or a girl?

Indie Rock Controversy: Dead Girlfriends’ “On Fraternity”

What happens when a male musician tries to write about a female experience?

Is This the End of the Patriarchy?

Julia Stonehouse examines the recent history of the patriarchial society and finds the male biological preference for a son to be based on a fallacy, from Darwin to Christianity.

Men’s Global Healthcare is Woefully Underfunded

Despite men being statistically less healthy than women, global health funding has been largely focused on women.

Scottsboro Boys Pardoned Posthumously

More than 80 years after their conviction and almost 15 years after the final man died, the Scottsboro Boys will be pardoned for crimes they did not commit.

Dads Fight Back Against Gender Inequality and Misrepresentation

From Routly on Huggies to Burying Mr. Mom, Dads Have the Attention of Media and Marketers