Gender Neutral Advocates Have Raised Their Voices in the Raising Boys Section

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Why Your Kids Need Gender Neutral Toys

Buying toys for your kid? Here’s why you should try one without the gender ties.

Trans Inclusivity: A How-To

I’m hearing all about some law in Houston where trans people could use bathrooms before but now they can’t use bathrooms and I’m not sure I get it. Also, I’m not sure why this is a big deal.

Will Technology Make Us Gender Neutral?

Is technology really what it will take to make all genders equal?

Florida Proposes “Stand Outside My Loo” Law

Why don’t we become gender inclusive and get with the times?

Illinois State University’s Gender Neutral Bathroom Isn’t a PC Issue, It’s Humanity

As Taro Gomi states in his famed book, “Everyone poops.” We all deserve a safe place to do so.

Call for Submissions: Marriages From Outside the Gender Mainstream

The relationships we have with our spouses are important—too important to leave anyone out of the conversation.

The Articulate Man: Why We Don’t Call Each Other “It”

  Kip Robisch, on what to do about those pesky gendered pronouns and other steps towards being more articulate. —- One of the things I like about The Good Men Project is that it transcends the old gentleman’s handbooks—you know, those crimson leather, gold leaf pocket editions that a guy might get for a birthday […]

Why We Need More Than Three Genders

Barbara King examines the case for extending gender labels beyond the binary … and beyond.

Public Bathroom Policies Change in Philly: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Now Required

The City of Brotherly Love just became friendlier to the LGBTQ community with a law that requires gender-neutral restrooms in new and renovated buildings as well as other reforms.

“I’m tired of Hollywood and beer companies saying, ‘Since you’re a man, I know what buttons to push to make money come out.'”

This is a comment by Random_Stranger on the post “Magic Mike: Something Much Worse than the Objectification of Men”.

“There is so much that we do that appears to come naturally.”

This comment was from NickMostly on the post Patriarchy Smatriarchy

Sometimes I Need God to Be Male

Hugo Schwyzer doesn’t mind a gender-neutral God, but the last thing he wants is for people to think that only a female God can be nurturing and compassionate.