Why Doesn’t Batman Ever Smile? Part 2

Part two of Rosalind Wiseman’s groundbreaking new book on the world of teenage boys.

Why Doesn’t Batman Ever Smile? Part 1

The first part of a provocative chapter on the hidden world of teenage boys, from the author of Queen Bees and Wannabes. A must-read for parents of boys.

Breaking the Emotional Coma Cycle

Jason Hairston explains how constricted masculinity damages male relationships

To Be Like Jesus, Does Meekness Mean Weakness?

Gil Flores shares his thoughts on the Christmas season and what the way of Jesus shows us about meekness.

The Top 10 Offensively Sexist Halloween Costumes For Men

Some Halloween costumes are funny. Some are sexy. Some are neither. And some destroy the concepts of humor and sex appeal just by existing.

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Go Ahead, Ladies, Ask Him Out

The most exciting date of my life was when she asked me out instead of the other way around.

When Did Aesthetics Become Unmanly?

When and how did the concept of masculinity turn its back on art, design, and beauty?

Why Pickup Artistry Is So Toxically Tempting to Men

When guys can’t believe in their natural power, they’ll believe in magic tricks.

The Choices We Make Are Not Our Own

What influences your decisions? Are you sure you know?

Looks Are Everything After All

When exactly did hotness become a competition nobody can opt out of?

Embracing Toughness

You can be an enlightened man and still a tough guy. George Clarke explains how.

Why I Stopped Using the F-Word and Other Homophobic B.S.

LeRon Barton didn’t think of himself as a homophobe, but he had to learn to back that up with his actions.

Men Must Be Needed Because We Can’t Be Wanted

We believe we have to be the heroes only because we can’t yet see other roles for ourselves.

Sex, Food, Success… Repeat

Why are our stereotypes of what men want so shallow… and so wrong?

As a married adult I don’t care who thinks I’m gay.

This is a comment by Thomas Pluck on “Our Society’s Brutal Economic Message To Men Who Express Gender Differently: You’d Better Not…“

Steak & BJ Day: A Solution in Search of a Problem

Sexist stereotyping is not the way to make men feel appreciated.