Be a Man. Get Some Muscle.

“Men are gay because they like men. You should think about putting on a little muscle next time.”

8 Things Guys Supposedly Aren’t Supposed to Say

But WHY aren’t guys supposed to say this stuff?!

Dear Parents, Let’s Talk About Kids and Gender Roles

Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer is raising a happy and joyful son without following rigid gender roles or rules. And she wants you to understand why.

Why Men Don’t Like Decorating for the Holidays

In all the ways decorating can feel feminine, men can feel inadequate

The Slob Thing

Noah Brand dispels the myth that being a slob is a gendered trait.

Why I Don’t Hate on Justin Bieber

Why do we harshly judge a teenage boy for not being man enough?

Romney Advisor: Obama Should “Man Up”

So, anyone catch the American presidential debate last night? I did, as you would know if you followed me on Twitter like sensible people. Obama is a feminist! Romney thinks single moms cause gun violence! Romney has binders full of women! Sorry, Romney, but all the women really want to get into my binder. In the […]

Romney is an “Alpha Male” Apparently

Or so says the National Review. I remain confused about why I should give a fuck. The conventional biological wisdom is that men select mates for fertility, while women select for status — thus the commonness of younger women’s pairing with well-established older men but the rarity of the converse. The conventional biological wisdom is […]

Louis CK Appreciation Day

I really like Louis CK. He’s a comedian, and he’s mostly not made of complete fuckery! He has, of course, done fucked things, but far less so than most comedians. (And it turns out that his Tweet in praise of Daniel Tosh was not about Tosh’s rape ‘joke’*, but about how much he had laughed at […]

Sexist Pictures Roundup!

Lotsa photos below the cut. Slow connections beware.

The Curious Case of Chris Birch

I highly recommend you check out Law and Sexuality is a blog by Chris Ashford, a reader in Law and Society, that “seeks to explore law and sexuality in a broad socio-legal framework” if that kind of thing interests you (for what my recommendation is worth anyway). He  has an interesting post up about Chris Birch […]

You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pardon my language, but Jesus H. ass-blasting Christ buggering Buddha in the cheap seats at Wimbledon. This is the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine: Yes, that says “The Emasculation of Wall Street”. WHY does it say that, you ask? Oh, good question. Perhaps it’s about how the traditionally male-dominated field of […]

Hegemonic Heterosexuality

We’ve talked before about hegemonic masculinity, the constant societal drumbeat of nonsense about what a man is supposed to be. Tall, successful, competitive, into sports, violent, et cetera ad nauseam. What I’ve been thinking about lately is how this fits into another incessant social narrative, one I’m going to call hegemonic heterosexuality, because the alternate […]

Maybe We Should Call It Blatantsexism-mas

Thanks to Sociological Images, today we have a special holiday edition of Pictoral Evidence of Gender-Enforcement Against Men. Warning: lotsa pictures below the cut.

Melissa Tempel Is Doing It Right

This inspiring article has been Tumblred and Facebooked and [whatever else you damn kids do when you’re not on my lawn] all over the place, and with good cause. It’s by a kindergarten teacher who’s taking simple, common-sense, nonthreatening steps to educate the kids in her class about gender roles, what they are, and that […]

Thanksgiving Gender Enforcement Jumble Sale

Thanksgiving: a time to gather with people you love, and try to remember why. As we gather with our families around tables groaning with food, we’re going to hear things that would have sounded retrograde in the 50s, and as we enact cultural rituals, we’re going to see roles played out that would make Victorians […]