The Hug Felt ‘Round the World

two men hugging in airport

What Don Draper’s hug means to the changing roles of masculinity.

Could You Be Gay And Not Know It?


Sexual identity is a personal experience, regardless of behavior, or how others define us.

Why Don’t We Prepare Men for Fatherhood?

Young father with baby

We invest a lot in preparing women for motherhood. Men deserve the same joy and engagement preparing for their roles.

Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective


Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

Police Officers or Peace Officers?: The Limitations of Traditional Masculinity for Law Enforcement

smiling cops steve baker flirck 8366235508_ca715ab382_z

Retired Police Officer and current Clinical Psychologist Ive Eicken describes how old notions of masculinity may prevent police officers from being peace officers. Most of us depend on law enforcement officers to keep us safe. We call the police when something has already gone very wrong. We want the officer who shows up to be […]

Have You Seen a Man’s Heart?

see heart

Have you glimpsed the depth of emotion and feeling that most men hide?

Actually, Piers, We DO Want Extended Paternity Leave


After the notorious television host’s comments about Fatherhood, Dads on Twitter (and all over the world) responded.

Do Emotions Have Any Place in Business?

man crying

Why is crying unprofessional, but snark, shame, and rage permitted?

A Son Brought His Dad Flowers (and Why That’s Important)


A four-year-old boy gave his dad a bouquet of flowers, and a whole new perspective on life.

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment Launch “Super Hero Girls” Fall 2015


New Superhero universe designed for girls aged 6-12 is a positive step but Alex Yarde thinks his daughter deserves more.

Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely is A Choice

rainbow crayons

We all face the same choice, to be authentic and true to your heart and mind, or pretend to be someone you are not.

Why Are Men Shamed for Needing to Be Appreciated?

pat on the back

Most men don’t dare say so, but a random high five, pat on the back, or Attaboy just isn’t enough.

Why I’m Letting My Girl Be A Girl

HZ girl article pic

Jeremy McKeen is following his daughter’s lead. And it is decidedly pink.

Brain Sex: Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Roles

Brain Sex

Neuroscience teaches us what it means to be human.

I’m a Dad. So Why Do People Call Me ‘Mrs.’?

Grant and Family

Dads can lean in too. Grant Schneider explains.

Big Toy Company Says Dolls Will Never be Mainstream for Boys


This mom plans to enlighten them.