The Modern Challenge of Turning Boys Into Men

The culture of manhood has changed, and so must our approach to raising boys.

Trans* People are STILL being Murdered for Truth Telling

How many have to die before the world acknowledges their truths?

Comment of the Day: ‘You see boys holding back tears with balled fits and a face full of hot air because he wasn’t allowed to cry.’

This comment was by Anthony Brown on the post “Why We Need to Lay Down our Weapons in the Battle of the Sexes.”

Celebrating Gay Manhood

Raymond Rigoglioso believes that gay men have a special relationship with manhood and masculinity, and that all men could benefit from paying attention to this.

Dear Dad: The One With My Favorite Question Ever

‘Dear Dad’ offers an answer to the most difficult and simplest question ever asked on the column.

“The Intern” Delivers Laughs and More

A little laughter and a few good friends go a long way.

What Being a Parent Has Taught Me about Changing Gender Roles in the 21st Century

Joe DeProspero reflects on the importance of changing gender roles in the workplace and at home.

Men Are Not Broken

Do men really need fixing, or are we forgetting men are human too?

Under Pressure: The Unending, Always Changing, Rules of Spousal Support

There’s nothing stagnant about marriage, and that includes the roles of husband and wife. — I watched the tears stream down her face as the pit in my stomach emerged like an internal “Big Bang.” Everything was blurred at this moment. I focused on her eyes redding and swelling as new tears formed and fell from her […]

10 Ludicrous Commandments (20 Something) Men Are Expected to Follow

Are you a man in your twenties? Chances are you might be expected to fulfill these 10 ridiculous commandments.

Dear Dad: The One With ‘The Guitar Playing Stay-at-Home-Dad Wannabe’

A reader’s husband wants to play guitar and hang around the house all day, so she thinks he would make a great stay-at-home dad. ‘Dear Dad’ offers advice.

What if There is No Man Box?

What if the only reason the man box exists is because we built it?

Dad’s Hot Topic: On Hayden Panettiere and Postpartum Depression – Shhh! Say Nothing!

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable moments in trending issues.

What Does it Take to Make a Good Man Feel Loved?

What does it take to make a good man feel loved?

Men, Have You Grieved for Women Yet?

Is grief appropriate? Is it healing? Jonathan Delavan shares his emotional epiphany on a sensitive issue.

Man’s Dilemma: How Do I Know if I Measure Up?

Boys and men need these rites of passage to build their confidence and self-awareness.