10 Things I Find Sexy in a Man (That Aren’t All About Sex)

i find sexy

What’s good about men? Melanie Curtin has a list.

Fifty Shades and the Tests of Love

dad and daughter

If a woman seems to be testing you, she probably is. If she didn’t think you were worthy, she wouldn’t bother.

“I have promised myself to explore and express being human more this year. “


Comment of the Day: A reader responds to an article about locking oneself into gender roles.

What Makes A Good Man? [Music Video]

what makes a good man

The Heavy deliver the question of modern masculinity clear and precise.

How Gender Role Rigidity Holds Us Back from Deeper Love


Does our fear of breaking gender taboos keep us from being fully open in our relationships?

Changing Masculinity: It’s Time to Pivot

man and woman

What’s the real issue with masculinity and how do we go about changing it?

Would Relationships Be Healthier With Different Expectations?

wedding rings

Examining her painful recovery from betrayal and divorce led to some realizations about expectations and opportunities for gratitude.

To All The People You’ve Loved Before


Dillan DiGiovanni explores the idea that who you are now and who you love now does not define who you were or will be.

So Your Daughter Wants to Play the Disney “Dazzling Princess” Game?


Christmas is over. The paper is off the presents. And now it’s time to play…

The Much Misunderstood Alpha Male

man lips

Everything you thought you knew is WRONG!

We Are The Men: On Aging and Change in the 21st Century


Men of a certain age face the future in different ways. Are we doing a disservice to younger generations by refusing to participate?

Chinese Dad on Bus Kisses Daughter, Has to Defend Himself to Police

Chinese Dad on Bus Kisses Daughter, Has to Defend Himself to Police

A Chinese man was accused of inappropriate contact with a minor last week after a video went viral of him kissing his own daughter on a bus. Is the world we now live in?

Why I Let My Daughter Hang Out With Men At The Bar


Lifting weights has broken male misconceptions for this mom and gym owner—while building a stronger relationship with her teen daughter.

How the Gold-Digger Mindset Kept Me Poor

money roll

It took a lot for Cliff Townsend to admit to himself that the sister he adored had a mindset that was holding him back. But changing it has made all the difference.

My Problem With Boys


Ariel Chesler is a dad of daughters who is sick and tired of how parents of boys feel justified to let their kids destroy things, because “boys will be boys” excuse.

My Daughter Throws Like a Girl and My Son Is Such a Boy

My Daughter Throws Like a Girl and My Son Is Such a Boy

Dave Lesser can’t ignore the innate gender differences between his daughter and son, but won’t let them be limited or defined by phrases like “girly-girl” or “boys will be boys.”