Reflections on the Pulse of My LGBTQ Community Following Orlando

Young people have always been integral in the success of social movements and today they are shaking up traditionally dichotomous binary notions of gender.

Why ‘Boys Will be Boys’ is Such a Dangerous Mentality

If we want to stop the killing we must acknowledge the connection between hypermasculinity and violence.

Why I Find Creative Men Attractive

Nimue Brown is fascinated by men who turn human awareness into inspiration.

Giving Birth to Gender

We need to stop stereotyping our children.

The Children’s Book for Our Future Men: Made by Raffi

What happens when a young boy who loves to knit refuses to let peer influence stop him? Author Craig Pomranz talks with The Good Men Project about the inspiration behind Made by Raffi.

What Relationship Stereotypes are Killing Your Chances of Staying Together?

Because, men. Because, women. Because our culture has a way of sneaking these ideas into our heads.

The Changing Roles of Men on Thanksgiving

My father was a couch potato. My husband makes the whipped potatoes.

Redefining ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ In One Tender Photo

The National At-Home Dad Network has a powerful message for anyone who thinks boys can be defined by frogs, snails and puppy dog tails. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I received all the related “boy gear” as gifts – tiny baseball mitt, a tee shirt with a football embroidered onto […]

Boys: Needed and Necessary, Capable, and Loved

View image | Gena Raymond is rethinking the way she relates to the boys in her life. — I’ve listened to several intelligent men describe why they were not successful in traditional school systems. I’ve heard them talk about feeling like outsiders in a world dominated by female educators in a system that lends […]

Grade School Gets Schooled on Obvious Gender Bias

Because boys don’t need to learn confidence and girls aren’t going to college? Yeah, right!

Dads Who Let Boys Play With Dolls: The Norm Not The Exception

How often do we play to the default premise being “dad sees boy with doll, dad freaks out because boys don’t play with dolls, dad gives kid a superhero instead and points him at something to shoot.” Let’s stop that.

Why Do Americans Love “Jurassic World”?

Jurassic World is officially the biggest blockbuster of Summer 2015… and it doesn’t deserve that distinction at all. It’s official – “Jurassic World” is the highest grossing film of Summer 2015. And I couldn’t be more  confused. Make no mistake about it, I get the anticipation. The “Jurassic Park” movies were a staple of my […]

Men and Beauty: Evolving the Masculine

If only women and gay men are the celebrants of beauty, men will continue to be estranged from their wholeness and authenticity.

Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective

Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

Mad Maxine! Fury Road puts the Goddess in the Driver’s Seat

Fury Road gives us the greatest action hero in years, but it’s not Max. It’s Furiosa.

Men Need Help Too, But Where Can They Go?

Both as a man and as a Social Worker, Kevin Molinelli has found little understanding or resources for men.