Men and Beauty: Evolving the Masculine

beautiful food

If only women and gay men are the celebrants of beauty, men will continue to be estranged from their wholeness and authenticity.

Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective


Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

Mad Maxine! Fury Road puts the Goddess in the Driver’s Seat


Fury Road gives us the greatest action hero in years, but it’s not Max. It’s Furiosa.

Men Need Help Too, But Where Can They Go?

sad man on beach

Both as a man and as a Social Worker, Kevin Molinelli has found little understanding or resources for men.

Giant Men Hold Tiny Baby Ducks and It’s Awesome

men hold tiny baby ducks

Why can’t a dude cry over a baby duck?!

Why You Always Feel Like The Bad Guy In Relationships And How To Change It

man and woman on train

The false beliefs that have been taught to men about who they should be in relationships are secretly sabotaging the love lives of really great men.

What I Learned About Confidence from My Husband-to-Be

man smiling

True confidence can’t be faked, but it can be learned.

I’m a Dad. So Why Do People Call Me ‘Mrs.’?

Grant and Family

Dads can lean in too. Grant Schneider explains.

The Death of “Men’s” Clothing

male fashion model

Fashion informs culture, and Edward Langdon says the Gender Blend fashion trend indicates a promise of equality and acceptance of all genders.

50 Shades of a Question


One book and film has really stirred up the conversation

The Real Reason Men Don’t Read Fiction


Ged Gillmore and his friends figure out how to deal with rejection—-by publishers and by women.

What Your Opinion of Sarah Palin Says About You

Sarah Palin

This week Five Bad Surfers take on male perceptions of women in the media.

Boy Toys, Girl Toys is There any Connection to Career?

boy toys and career

Making guys play with dolls won’t create an army of men working as care givers.

On Microaggressions


Being a man doesn’t mean you don’t get daily doses of nasty gender stereotypes.

So Your Daughter Wants to Play the Disney “Dazzling Princess” Game?


Christmas is over. The paper is off the presents. And now it’s time to play…

‘Tis the Season for Gender Stereotypes


Making a list and checking it twice? Is it “naughty or nice” or “girl toys and boy toys”? Laci Green breaks down a big problem with the holiday season.