Changing the Culture of Masculinity

Yes, this is within our power to change. Here’s how to start.

Finding Your Purpose in a Society That No Longer Requires Men

We have a situation now where men have been given the greatest gift they could have ever hoped for, and it’s also our greatest curse.

Who Wears the Pants? Here’s to the Emancipation of Men!

There’s a lot of precedent for manly men not wearing pants — besides, why should women have all the fun?

The Only Man in the Room

What’s keeping men from the life-preserving benefits in the women’s world?

I’m a Man Who Cries and That’s OK

Todd Hannula wants to shatter the myth that it’s not manly for men to shed tears.

Do We Really Need Gender Parity?

Do we need equal representation of men and women in government? Patty Beach talks about gender and the Versatility Factor.

Cougars, Cat Woman, & Cat Ladies! Where Are The Cat Men?

If our beloved pets can defy gender stereotypes, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

Nail Polish, Long Hair, Strange Clothes – It’s What Makes Up, but Doesn’t Mix Up, the Boy

This dad says let kids experiment — self expression is part of figuring out who they really are.

An Ad for Barbie Breaks Barriers by Featuring a Boy and the Dolls Sell Out!

Mattel launches a new ad and breaks a barrier. Its new Barbie ad, for the first time in history, features a boy. The fierceness of the young man worked. The doll is now sold out.

Perpetrator To Glass Breaker: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

I was giving her the “that’s cute” attitude followed by a metaphorical head pat. That’s when it hit me. I’m a perpetrator!

Do You Know What a Man Needs?

Have you worked out yet the men with the answers are the ones you’re least likely to ask?

How to Help Religious Parents Face Having A Gay Child

For many religious parents, finding out their child is gay represents anything from a personal failing to a dream slipping out of their grasp.

Let’s Talk About Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

Men are the silent survivors of sexual violence. It’s time to give them a voice.

A Message to Women: It’s Not Us vs. Men

Why the battle brewing against the male gender is confusing the hell out of men. ___ Having been at the coaching game in the business world for 15+ years, it’s not until the recent past few years that I truly recognized the mounting battle that men are facing as they grow older. Mind you, men […]

This is What a Gay Hero Looks Like

Why is it easier to applaud the “traditionally masculine” male who comes out as gay or trans? Why not support all LGBTQ heroes?

Why Being a Man Means I’m Part of the Problem

Just by my maleness, it’s sensible to assume that I might be dangerous, and I can’t diffuse that.