How To Be a Boy

Toxic masculinity, patriarchy, misogyny, privledge–what does that mean for boys today and how do we guide them to be good men?

The Tyranny of the Sex/Gender/Sexuality Binary

The natural world has never conformed to our human notions of “two sides” to everything.

Comment of the Day: ‘I don’t need your money. I need your presence’

Being emotionally available should not be about who earns more.

Why I Refuse To Apologize for My Son Wearing a Dress

This loving mom believes her son has the right to express himself any way he wants, including as ‘gender creative’ and challenges people to see there is nothing wrong with his choices.

There’s No Crying in Poetry

Bill Yarrow writes a surreal and humorous take on poetry, tears, and gender.

When Your Fourth Grade Son is Called ‘Gay’

What do loving and supportive parents do when their courageous boy faces the challenge of navigating the heartache of societal judgment.

Just Stop Obsessing About All of Your Sons Choices

Our sons will need a lot of guidance on many issues as they grow up. Choosing candy based on gender is not one of them.

Two Violent Men, Two Symptoms of the Same Sickness

America woke up this weekend to the news of the deadliest civilian mass shooting in the nation’s history. The senseless tragedy will undoubtedly evoke anger, sadness and helplessness.

Emotional Unavailability: A Digital Age Pandemic

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Quit Complaining About Your Nagging Wife—She May Be Saving Your Life

Happy marriages usually lead to happy, healthy lives. If you’re a man with diabetes, your rocky relationship might be keeping you alive.

The Ugly and Violent Death of Gender Conformity

The fight is erupting everywhere at once; in our workplaces, our churches, our schools, our streets, and our beds.

Get the Message Clear, My Pride will Never Stop Marching

Mardi Gras: The full spectrum of the wonderful LGBTI rainbow on display

If You’re a White Man, I’m Afraid of You

Shawna Ainsile is afraid of white men. But she’s discovered that they can be allies.

Comment of the Day: ‘man, I wish that had happened to me is not a joke’

Rape is rape and there should be compassion for all genders.

What Do I Tell My LGBT Teens After the Orlando Shootings?

Yes, there are people who hate others that have opposing lifestyles. But there are plenty of people in the world who care and support differences.

When Love Is Shattered by Terror and Hate

Love is a powerful force worth fighting for. The price for it should never be our lives.