Five Reasons Why Losing Your Hair Isn’t a Big Deal

sad hair

Are you freaking out because your hair is falling out?

The Male Gaze: What it’s Like to be Objectified in the Gay Community


As gay men, we need to become increasingly cognizant of how we perceive and treat one another within our own community.

9 Tips For Loving The Man You’re With

straight and gay couples

Do you really know how to love a man? The way he needs to be loved?

7 Dangerous Myths about Depression in Men

depressed man

In 2013 men accounted for 80 percent of deaths from suicide. Yet, men seldom seek help for depression.

How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies the Millennial Generation’s Courage


The realizations of our own attractions come when people accept others’ ‘unconventional’ sexualities as normal. Open-mindedness is on the rise.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man — Edgar Wilson


What do boys need to hear in order to become men? Edgar Wilson reflects on the things he didn’t know as a boy, but now is cautious and aware of as a man.

20 Things We Need to Be Telling Our Boys

20 Things by Vinoth Chandar

There’s stuff our little boys need to hear—but we’re not telling them.

5 Facts About Conversion Therapy We Know For Sure


These surprising, but simple truths are often missing in the discussion about conversion therapy.

Do Male Leaders Struggle with Showing Appreciation?

business man

Do the masculine stereotypes of tough men being good bosses cause a disconnect with their teams?

The Difference Between Mothering, Fathering, and Parenting


In an effort to define the difference between mothering and fathering, Darrell Milton explores gender roles and their impact on parenting.

3 Reasons Men React To Break-Ups Differently Than Women

3 Reasons by istolethetv

Chris Armstrong explains why men seem to be less emotional than women about breakups.

A New Era of Reality Politics: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project


A discussion of the Republican Debates, gender, and how things can be both “poison and medicine.”

A Teacher Uses ‘Star Trek’ for Difficult Conversations on Race and Gender


The stories and characters in Star Trek blend the past and the future with the complex problems we face today.

Masculinity Is Under Attack, Can It Be Saved?

Patty Beach and Roger Toennis discuss the power in embracing the positive masculine traits while releasing the negative.

What Do You Mean Real Men Don’t Drive Mini Vans?

kieth and van

So you take the less comfortable, less practical, and less economical vehicle because it’s not a minivan? Come on guys!

Nice Guys Lead With Their Hearts

The contradictory journey of the nice guy between being who he truly is and becoming attractive.