My Children’s Biological Father is Transgender

Sherry Wood was shocked when the father of her children came out as trangender and abandoned his family. ___ I spent 12 years with my partner. We had three kids, and then got divorced. Then they became transgender. I was shocked. The questions began to arise in my mind: Did I know? How I not […]

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Male Adult Prison

Bathrooms are not the only battleground for transgender rights. Peter LaBerge speaks in the persona of a Connecticut trans girl, incarcerated alongside men.

The Authentic Identity Role Model that was Prince

For black men, Prince set the stage for a different kind of acceptable identity.

Call for Submissions: My Two Dads

Is there more than one father in your life?

WWE Superstar Joan Marie ‘CHYNA’ Laurer Dead at 45

Alex Yarde pays tribute to Chyna and asks can we do more for loved ones in pain.

Being a Social Justice Warrior: Understanding Toxic Masculinity

What is “toxic masculinity” and who is it really hurting?

Yes Guys! Men are Vulnerable to Mental Illness

None of us are immune to mental illness, so let’s stop saying who gets to be vulnerable to what and help each other deal with our anxieties and fears.

Journeys Through Trans Masculinity

Men everywhere are speaking out about the pressure they feel to “be a man.” These trans men describe their similar struggles with finding acceptance for who they are.

Don’t Worry. You Can Still Call Your Boy ‘Little Man’.

“He will have to wrestle with all of the definitions that the world uses to confine and limit our potential, but that is for later in life.”

Call for Submissions: Parenting without Gender

More and more parents are attempting to raise their children without references to gender and its stereotypes/limitations. Are you one of them?

Comment of the Day: ‘This touches on classic male/female sexual attraction’

Are we more or less attracted when we are told “facts” about someone?

How to Be a Man 101

Are you sure you’re a man? ___ This isn’t intended as an insult, though it could be considered as such. This is a thought-provoking concept most men don’t consider in our lives. We don’t go into the deeper thought of what being a man is, or even if “man” is a vocation or a science. […]

Men Agree: It’s Time to Throw out our Definition of Masculinity

It turns out that most men have felt insecure about whether they live up to others’ expectation of what it means to be a man.

Bruce Springsteen Again Proves He’s The Boss, Cancels N. Carolina Show Over LGBT Discrimination

North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law is causing celebrities to take action against discrimination.

Comment of the Day: ‘From childhood, we are told to behave a certain way’

We should see each other as human first.

Why Your Kids’ Sexual Orientation is None of Your Business

We live at the center of the LGBTQ evolution and need to anticipate raising gay children. Plural.