The Pressure to Partner

There is a decidedly frustrating “pressure to partner” that exists in nearly every generation. Christian M. Lyons declares that it ‘ain’t necessarily so.’

Are the Workplace Battles of the Old Guard and the Young Turks Really Necessary?

The young guys are frustrated, and the old guys aren’t “allowed to get mad.” Here’s what one behind-the-scenes observer would like to tell them both.

Men Are From Mars? What John Gray Got Wrong About Women

Jordan Gray has a bone to pick with his (non-related) colleague John Gray. Is the vulnerability shaming really necessary?

Things I Regret

Tom Brechlin on taking things for granted, his father, and coming to terms with his biggest regret.

Are Those of Us Who Grew-Up with “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” Lazy? (Video)

Fox News blames Mr. Rogers for my generation’s supposed laziness.

“My first year of marriage sucked. People expect what they see on TV and marriage is no exception.”

This is a comment by Tom B on the post “What Marriage Isn’t”.

Navigating Male Midlife

Recognize the signs of male menopause and understand the reasons behind the changes.

Life at a Funeral

“A tree doesn’t rid itself of its rings.” Brandon Ferdig is shaken by the death of his grandmother, and chooses to remember how her life connected with his.

“The older wife/younger husband dynamic can be very successful—it all depends on the people.”

These are comments by MediaHound and Archy on the post “Older Women and Younger Men — More Than Just a Hot New Trend”.

Millennials: Generational War! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

New information suggests that young people are not buying into the old-vs.-young framing of Social Security opponents. Will their parents and grandparents follow suit?

Was Ozzy the Devil? What Happened?

  “I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that`s OK – the bat had to get Ozzy shots.” – Ozzy  Osbourne As I listened to Ozzy Osbourne’s classic metal anthem Crazy Train blaring over the speakers at my 7 year old’s baseball jamboree (complete with cake walk), all I could think was: what […]

“I’m old enough to remember pollution so bad that you couldn’t hang your laundry outside.”

This comment was from JP McMahon on the post by Jake DiMare “Boomers Beware: How Do You Want to Be Remembered?”


Tom Matlack talks about trying to connect with his kids on a non-electronic level.