Director Noah Baumbach is an Equal Opportunity Satirist

while-were-young photo A24

The insightful comedy While We’re Young takes aim at multiple generation gaps.

Attention: Men of Generation X 


Mid-30’s or a little older? We need you!

2015 Welcomes Generation X!


Generation X, your moment has arrived!

Friend Zone is Not Just for Guys

stereotypes wonderferret:Flickr

For Gen X’ers, anyone who deviates from the gender norms of the past could be in line for the friend zone.

The Happy Male—a Work in Progress

The Happy Male by Timothy Krause

Show me a happy guy and I’ll show you a man who’s sleeping!

“Did we Create a Nihilism & Fear Climate that Stymies us as a Species?”


Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

Ken and Barbie

Born on the cusp of Gen X and the Millennial Generation, Sam Kressler breaks down the reasons why being an adult doesn’t mean what it used to – and offers a suggestion for growing up on your own terms no matter your age.

My Daughter, My Hero

My daughter my hero

Why my daughter’s generation will do what the Woodstock and Gen X generations didn’t.

I Can’t WAIT to be 40!

small man, big chair

JJ Vincent hopes that 40 will be the magical number that helps youthful men like himself be treated like adults.

On Aging and Old Age


Oliver Lee Bateman is aging, and he’s (mostly) okay with that.

What If the Kids Don’t Want Our Church?

photo © 2010 Dima Bushkov, Flickr

What happens when a generation comes along that doesn’t care about the game you’ve spent so much time buying equipment for?

The Time I (Almost) Defined a Generation


James Greer looks back at his most spectacular failures as Senior Writer at Spin Magazine and marvels at how close he was to giving Generation X its name.

Masculinity Undefined


Zek J. Evets on his journey from Problem to Poster; why his story doesn’t fit inside society’s man-box.

An Open Letter to Gen X Dads

key to the door

DeLani Bartlette grew up feeling like a burden that her father chose not to bear.

Angry Birds, Video Games, and the Depersonalization of War


Are you a video game addict, The New York Times asks?

Are the Kids All Right?


If women can raise children without men, Justin Cascio writes, where does that leave men?