Babies And the Rebirth of Men


I wasn’t ready to be with a baby. I didn’t understand the rhythm of it. What was the beginning, middle, and end of this task?

A Mother Teaches The Past As Prologue


Brian Shea learns to see himself through his mother’s eyes.

Call for Submissions: What Shaped Your Values?

Call for Submission What Shaped Your Values Photo by Redrock Junction

Our new Ethics & Values editor wants to hear about the people and events that have influenced and inspired you to be the man you are today.

A Place in the World

grandfather-father-son-by cameronparkins-flickr

Vaughan Granier reflects on the beauty of having 3 generations under one roof.

The Impossible Standard: How Do You Stack Up to a Perfect Father?

photo by patspictures

Mike Crider’s dad worked hard and still found time to raise his two sons. He was such a good role model, Mike was afraid he couldn’t fill his dad’s shoes when he had kids of his own.

I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Love a Father. (But It Only Takes a Generation for Things to Change.)

ashtray photo by trippchicago

Joni Kanata could never connect with her distant, absent father. But she’s learning to see the love of a father through the eyes of her sons.

Three Generations of Patriots Fans


Aaron Gouveia remembers the Patriots in the old Sullivan Stadium—”a craptastic team in a rundown pit of a stadium.” But through the years, through the generations, he’s loved every minute of it.

Men or Mavericks

Planes Through Time

Kevin Macku asks if it’s pride that’s pulling men down from the labor force, or if it’s something else

Are Those of Us Who Grew-Up with “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” Lazy? (Video)


Fox News blames Mr. Rogers for my generation’s supposed laziness.

I’m Looking at the Millennial In the Mirror

photo by restlessglobtrotter

“If we raise our kids one way but expect something different of them”, says Brian Sorrell, “then they’ll end up invisible to us.”

One Shot Away from Combustion: A Family of Angry Men

photo by olliethebastard

David Stanley sees four generations of angry men in his family. Will they be able to control their tempers, or will the tempers control them?

The Art of Storytelling (& Why We Need It)

fatherhood, fathers, fathering, being a good father

Story-telling father, Brandon Hudson, uncovers the importance of storytelling — for us, and for our children.

The Value of Snow Shoveling

shoveling snow

When Bob Barsanti was his eldest son’s age, his adolescent ego was stoked by shoveling snow: a modern John Henry against the snowplow. That was then…

Rush and the Limits of Immortality


In 1987, CJ Kaplan saw Rush for the first time. Twenty-five years later, he brought his son along for the ride.

“The older wife/younger husband dynamic can be very successful—it all depends on the people.”


These are comments by MediaHound and Archy on the post “Older Women and Younger Men — More Than Just a Hot New Trend”.

“This younger generation is seeking ways to connect more meaningfully with each other and the girls/women in their lives.”


This is a comment by Carla Smith on the post “Male Yearning”.