A Reminder That Cops Really Can Be the Good Guys

A Reminder by Boynton Beach PD

These generous and compassionate officers on the Boynton Beach police force embody the “serve” in serve and protect.

Homeless Man Combines Literacy and Generosity for Good

Books and business

Reading expands your mind, reduces ignorance based prejudices and evolves our thinking. Homeless South African man, Philani, is doing something about expanding literacy.

Hungry Homeless Man Shares Food, So Should We

Work for food

Hunger in America is real, devastating and suffered by millions—many with jobs. We must emulate those who share the little they have and do much better.

Great Lengths: Letting Go of My Daughter’s Hair

Great Lengths: Letting Go of My Daughter’s Hair

When Adam Cherepski’s six-year-old asked to get her hair drastically cut, he begged her to change her mind—until he heard the reason why.

A Heartbroken Father Reached Out to the Internet for Help and What He Got Back Was Inspiring

A Heartbroken Father Reached Out to the Internet for Help and What He Got Back Was Inspiring

Following the death of his infant daughter, a father reached out online, looking for help with altering a picture, and received back a huge outpouring of kindness and support.

Things Break Apart


Cameron Conaway offers a rhythmic meditation on his time at the notorious shipbreaking yards of Bangladesh and with the desperately poor but endlessly generous people who live in the villages beside them.

Good Guy JT: Justin Timberlake Left A Club Waitress A $4,000 Tip


The “we love JT love fest” continues with his latest random act of kindness.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

handshake, social, connection, statue, social excellence, social animal,

You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

What Happens When This Samaritan Gives This Homeless Man 1,000 Dollars

Homeless Lottery

Michael Amity suggests that when one dream comes true, we all win.

The Art of Little Blessings


Good for the Soul co-editor Kevin Macku reflects on the food chain, sunlight and how we can share little blessings with others—because sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

The Greatest Touchdown in History (VIDEO)

middle school

These young men will restore your faith in humanity.

Take Care of Your Lover


Love is a verb. Act like it.

Need Something to Fill You with Love and Hope? Watch the “Man Prayer” (Video)


“May I be a man who creates space rather than dominates it.” That is one of the opening lines to this breathtaking video created by Tony Stroebel called “Man Prayer”, with words by Eve Ensler. This video is a prayer and manifesto for all men about creating respect for all people, exuding compassion, and valuing […]

VIDEO: A California Man Donates His Home to a Family For a Year


Tony Tolbert learned about giving from his father, and he is putting those lessons to good use.

Wishing You a Happy End of the World


What if we woke up this morning and everyone saw the world differently?