You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

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You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

What Happens When This Samaritan Gives This Homeless Man 1,000 Dollars

Homeless Lottery

Michael Amity suggests that when one dream comes true, we all win.

The Art of Little Blessings


Good for the Soul co-editor Kevin Macku reflects on the food chain, sunlight and how we can share little blessings with others—because sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

The Greatest Touchdown in History (VIDEO)

middle school

These young men will restore your faith in humanity.

Take Care of Your Lover


Love is a verb. Act like it.

Need Something to Fill You with Love and Hope? Watch the “Man Prayer” (Video)


Tweet “May I be a man who creates space rather than dominates it.” That is one of the opening lines to this breathtaking video created by Tony Stroebel called “Man Prayer”, with words by Eve Ensler. This video is a prayer and manifesto for all men about creating respect for all people, exuding compassion, and […]

VIDEO: A California Man Donates His Home to a Family For a Year


Tony Tolbert learned about giving from his father, and he is putting those lessons to good use.

Wishing You a Happy End of the World


What if we woke up this morning and everyone saw the world differently?

Becoming Who You Want to Be (When You Grow Up)


Who do you want to be when you grow up?

#3: General Contractor

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“Oh, we do those for free. I’ll be over first thing in the morning.”

T-Bone, Santa, and the Refrigerator Boxes


For Jack Varnell, the best Christmas ever consisted of roaming the streets of Atlanta, knocking on cardboard houses, and handing out peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches,

A Few Steaks in the Office

New York Steak / Organic Basmati Rice

For Jason Fritz, some unsolicited generosity led to a great lunch.

What Is Generosity?


In a series of emotional vignettes, Tom Matlack searches for the true nature of generosity.

Guestpost #26: Gareth Manning – Ten things I’ve learned while living in Japan that give me post-disaster optimism

TweetGareth (or Gary, as I know him), is a friend who I have recently reconnected with. We were close friends in elementary school, but lost touch. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, we are friends again, and a recent meeting over beers taught me a lot about myself. Gary is a teacher, a traveler, an […]

Ten things I've learned from March Guest Post Madness

TweetNote: I will begin posting guest entries starting next week, and I have already received many wonderful submissions. I can’t wait to share these. If you want to write a post for this month, but I haven’t asked you because I am an asshole and a forgetful person, please message me and I will let […]