I Have Been Radicalized

How do we react when confronted with our privilege?

5 Things I Learned About Manhood From The Internet

Life is too short. It’s fleeting. Spend it doing stuff that matters with people that matter. That’s probably the best and only advice on manhood you’ll ever need.

Darius Simpson – ‘Genocide’

In rapid staccato, Darius Simpson refuses to pledge allegiance to genocide.

Making Things Whole for Cambodian Men: Combining All The Steps in Healing

Rick Goodwin attempts to heal men’s soul wounds: the bleeding of their hearts, the psychic suffering. He works to lay to rest ghosts that do not sleep, ghosts originating from unfathomable sources of pain.

Do You Measure Quality of Life by Indulgence?

Since when has it come to be that quality of life is directly proportional to how well we let ourselves indulge?

An Affront To Humanity

We must express our outrage. We must stand up for civilization.

A Warrior Makes His Sister’s Wedding, and Her Day

Warriors put their lives in harms way and sacrifice themselves for us all. Moments of grace such as these make life so much better.

All She Could See

Her assimilation was so complete and thorough, all she could see was her education.

Is Engaging Iraq a Humanitarian Imperative or Military Folly?

World involvement in Iraq is critical to saving lives and preventing a destabilized region from erupting into full chaos with disastrous worldwide implications

Bloodlines Are Being Eliminated in the Black Community

Author Joe Carter speaks on how violence against black males is wiping out some family bloodlines

1996: Guyhood … The Early Years (Part II)

The last full viewing of the AIDS Quilt is among the many events within the second half of 1996–your childhood.

” If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

This comment by Warren Blumenfeld on the post Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Need Further Proof That We Shouldn’t Use Native Names and Images in Sports? Here It Is.

Joanna Schroeder explains the horrible and inevitable outcome of using Native images and names as mainstream team mascots, as displayed by an Alabama high school last weekend.

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?

This Thanksgiving, Try Accountability With Your Turkey

Jamie Utt challenges us to remember that Thanksgiving isn’t just a time to give thanks, but also a time to remember the atrocities committed against the indigenous nations of North America and help make change along side them.

Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

How do you live with the awareness of death on a massive scale?