Here’s Why Men Should Still Pay For Dates

James Michael Sama thinks that this aspect of courtship should still exist, and here’s why.

Don’t Put the Fork in Chivalry Yet, It’s Not Quite Done

Remember the purpose of chivalry: to be a gentleman in a world of bros.

Comment of the Day: There seems to be an enormous number of truly odd ‘rules’ people have to live by

This comment was by Elle on the post I’m a Man With a Theatre Degree and I Take Baths by Steve Nazarian

Should Men Be Chivalrous Anymore?

In a world where women have fought and earned more rightful equality (though there is more to accomplish on that front) – is chivalry necessary or even ethical anymore?

Don’t Ask His Permission, Ask His Blessing Instead

Gentlemen, never allow others the ability to make important decisions in your life. That right is yours and yours alone.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Rape Culture

Zaron Burnett III bullet points and helps explain in complete thoroughness what rape culture means and what you can do about it.

The Irony of Being a Gentleman

The one thing men need most but rarely get–gentleness.

Have True Gentlemen Been Replaced By “Bros”?

Acting like a jackass is nothing to be proud of, Bro! And it won’t get you the relationship you want, either.

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The Forgotten Value Of Commitment

Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to.

In Today’s Society, it’s Still Cool to be a Gentleman

Debates rage around what makes up a gentleman’s life as roles are being redefined in our world. Joe Rutland suggests that being a gentleman is still hip.

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Eduardo García discusses how respect and understanding are the most important aspects of a relationship between Men and Women, no matter how opposite their views might be.

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