If Only the World Were a Giant Belgian Waffle

Shane Allison’s poem is whimsical yet somehow ominous, reminiscent of Wallace Stevens’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

Gravity and George Clooney Bring you Back Down to Earth

In his review of Gravity, Rich Monetti ends up imaging if George Clooney were Dave Bowman.

Check out This Zany Trailer for ‘Hail Caeser’

The Coen brothers are together again to bring a brand new comedy to fans The Coen brothers are known for their clever comedies. They have directed such wonderful movies like O Brother Where Art Thou and Intolerable Cruelty and these film were clever and introduced a new kind of comedy. The first trailer  for Hail, Caeser! […]

Movie Review: Tomorrowland

In seeing Tomorrowland, Alex Yarde suggests no adults should be admitted unaccompanied by a child.

Review of Disney’s ‘TomorrowLand’

  A fun new film made for dreamers of all ages Imagine a place where there is no suffering, greed, corruption or disease. A place that not only looks futuristic, but is the one place left where anything is possible. It sounds like a dream right? Well not in this new movie from Disney that […]

7 Traits Guys Don’t Know They Need in a Woman

Beauty and a sexy body may top most guys’ wish list for a woman, but Tor Constantino offers a few superior traits to consider.

Is the Equal Teammate the New Trophy Wife?

James M. Sama reflects on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s choice of a spouse and posits that truly secure guys know how to appreciate a powerful, independent woman.

A Man’s Perspective on Aging…and George Clooney

What’s with the age difference, George?

The Engaged Diaries: When I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her

Himay Zepeda on recognizing the moment when…

‘The Monuments Men’: Is Art Worth Dying For?

Clooney’s film focuses on a different kind of war tragedy, and its central question is just as valid during peacetime.

Coming Soon: The Monuments Men

“The Monuments Men” looks to cast different light on the cliched WWII movie genre, will it live up to its promising plot-line?

When Your Mojo’s Gone

Simms Jr. had sex appeal. He thought. But it hasn’t seemed that way, recently. Here, he examines the disappearance of his mojo.

The Question Is…. Celebrity Elevator Challenge: Clooney Vs. Bullock

You’re trapped in an elevator with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. One will become your best friend. The other will become your greatest enemy. Which one is which?

The Crusher Crushed

Noah Berlatsky wonders, does the man have the male gaze or does the male gaze have the man?

What is the ‘It Factor’ and Can You Create It?

Doctor NerdLove examines the alluring “it factor” some people have, and offers ways we can enhance our own charisma.

An Open Letter to Future Me

Valentine Brkich discusses the joys of parenthood with his future self.