We Have A Moral Obligation To Help Syrian Refugees

…it was a U.S. invasion of their homeland that victimized the Syrian people in the first place by strengthening the terrorist cell they now flee.

Larry Lessig Is Wasting Our Time

Larry Lessig may have good ideas about campaign finance reform, but his ideas about the presidency are totally wrong.

2 Ways We Need to Redefine Masculinity in American Foreign Policy

American foreign policy has long been governed by ideas of masculinity. Now it’s time to evaluate what that has meant for our nation – and how we should redefine “masculinity” in the future.

Edward Snowden vs. George W. Bush

Who is the man you can trust?

Could A Defeat in 2016 Change The Republican Party?

If Hillary Clinton wins next year, we could see a more moderate GOP emerge.

Shadows And Shadowboxing: Bush For President?

As Jeb Bush departs for Europe to practice looking “presidential,” many people wonder if he stands a chance to be president (or should stand a chance).

Did The Republicans Learn Anything From The Iraq War?

Despite being an unmitigated disaster for the country, the Middle East, and the Republican Party, many in the GOP still don’t think George W. Bush was wrong to decide to invade Iraq back in 2003.

Time Has Come to Fix U.S.-Iran Policy

When something is obviously broken, you fix it…Right?

Dear Rudy Giuliani Re: Characterization of Obama

Warren Blumenfeld calls out Rudy Giuliani on his recent statements about President Obama.

The Return Of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy

The American people may think that George W. Bush’s presidency was a disaster, but the Republican Party is still committed to his foreign policy vision.

When Privilege Isn’t a Privilege

Let’s play the privilege Lottery!

Why Do Protesters Occupy the Streets?

Patrick DeCarlo examines the rationale behind stopping traffic, blocking bridges, and ruining your commute.

A Guide to Online Etiquette—and Basic Human Decency

Matthew Rozsa offers a set of rules to give us a kinder, gentler Internet.

How Will History Treat Obama?

In all likelihood, history will treat Obama pretty well.

Why Did America Embrace Torture as Policy?

The Senate’s official report on the use of torture during the Bush Administration is out, and it’s hard to see how it could be worse.

If You Like Your Plan, You Couldn’t Keep It Anyway

All those stories about Obamacare canceling millions of insurance plans turned out to be mostly hype.