Why Are Most Violent People Male?

Andrew Smiler considers several reasons why violent people are more likely to be male than female.

Stigmatization & Violence as Social Control: Fear of the ‘Other’

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld discusses how minority groups in the US live with the constant fear of random and unprovoked violence directed against them simply on account of their social identities.

Seriously, Can We Stop Calling The Cops On Little Black Kids Already?

Denene Millner recounts the story of the 11 year-old boy who was held at gunpoint by cops… for building a treehouse in his own back yard.

The Niggification of America

More than 50 years after the death of Emmit Till, Reuben Jones says blacks men and boys are safer in Afghanistan than on the streets of America.

There is no ‘White Boogeyman’

Dr. Vibe has a discussion with Yolanda Young, who believes that a number of black parents are overreacting to a post by George Zimmerman and Micheal Dunn.

It’s NOT Black People’s Job To ‘Look Beyond Race’

Lincoln Anthony Blades explains that When an innocent and unarmed Black man is gunned down by a white man, African Americans aren’t even allowed to express anger at the senseless killing.

Would You Watch DMX Fight George Zimmerman?

The idea of seeing ANYONE take out the collective frustration of all right-thinking people everywhere out on that dude is kinda appealing, isn’t it?

“Mom, Why is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Didn’t

Rebecca Carroll was adopted by white parents, and saw the world through their eyes. Now, as the mother of a son who is black, she is seeing the reality of race in a whole new way.

A Confrontation on the “L” and My Love of Black Men

Mainstream views about black maleness suggest that audiences simply do not have a clue about the experiences of black men.

Will the Defenders of George Zimmerman Please Stand Up?

It would be nice if some of the people that told us to stop criticizing George Zimmerman earlier this year would tell us what they think about him now.

After the Colorado Recalls, is Gun Control Dead?

The recall of two state legislators in Colorado did not end gun control, but it should be a wake up call for its advocates.

Really? Reports Say Zimmerman Detained for Threatening Wife With a Gun

Zimmerman detained, no arrests.

Sometimes Treason and Patriotism Look Awfully Similar

Duty to country does not always mean following the law.

Zimmerman Tours Manufacturer of Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin

Even George Zimmerman’s own legal defense team has publicly spoken out against his decision to visit the Kel-Tec facility.

A White Pastor’s Miracle in Trayvon Martin’s Church

Suffice it to say that she was easy to spot, being the only white face in the building, apart from the swarm of media, panting for a quote, just outside.